Trump and Kim Jong's Meet: Probability of peace for US and North Korea?

Trump and Kim Jong's Meet: Probability of peace for US and North Korea?

The recent state of affairs mark a positive shift from the prevailing aggressive policies .

By: || Updated: 09 Mar 2018 09:43 AM

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has asked Donald Trump for talks and the United States President has agreed to meet him by May, South Korean national security adviser Chung Eui-yong has said.

New Delhi: World's biggest rivals Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have apparently decided to give peace a chance, whisking aside their aggressive and militaristic policies. The recent developments in the North and South Korean relations signal that there is a chance for peace to prevail in the peninsula.

After the visit by South Korean delegation to Pyongyang, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un proposed a meet with the President of the Unites States Donald Trump on its nuclear missile programmes, a move that was barely anticipated given the sour terms the two leaders have been at lately.

The two most powerful leaders in the world had been engaged in barbs ever since Trump came to power in the US. Aggressive remarks from both the sides embittered the already poor relations.  North Korea refused to back down with its nuclear missile programme and the States continued to crush its economy by imposing sanctions.

However the recent state of affairs mark a positive shift from the prevailing aggressive policies and the key role has undeniably been played by South Korea. Despite war-like situation and being wedged between the extremities of the two countries, South Korea managed to upkeep its diplomatic strategies.

Pivotal role is played by the South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his prolific strategies. The Winter Olympics held in South Korea last month proved instrumental for the country as North sent Kim Jong’s sister Kin Yo-Jong for its opening ceremony. Ensuing her visit, South Korean delegation and Kim Jong Un had a talk in Pyongyang in which both the parties decided upon a meeting between Kim Jong and southern counterpart Moon Jae-in.

An assurance of denuclearisation was given by the North in case its negotiations with the United States could set off.

Now US President who has agreed for the meet has very cautiously reasserted the words of the North. In his recent tweet he carefully marked the talk between the South Korea delegates and Kim Jong. Given the hostility and lack of trust between the parties, Trump patently is leaving no scope for a doubt. After agreeing for a meet with Kim Jong following the statement of South, Trump cautiously said that Kim Jong Un talked about denuclearization with the South Korean Representatives and not just a freeze. He also restated that no missile testing will be done by North Korea during this period of time.

He however maintained that the sanctions on North Korea will continue till an agreement is finally reached between the two parties. The talk between Trump and Kim is likely to take place in the month of May.

Though, talking with Kim can prove to be the ultimate test for Trump, the chance for normalisation of ties is not very thick.

Marking a major shift from the aggressive foreign policies of the two countries, the talks between the two, if successful, can  make a way for peace in the high tension region.
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