Osamas Pakistan hideout razed

Osamas Pakistan hideout razed

By: || Updated: 01 Jan 1970 12:00 AM

Islamabad: The
imposing compound in Pakistan's Abbottabad city where Al Qaeda chief Osama
bin Laden was hunted down and killed by US commandos last year has been
razed, a media report said on Monday.

Osama bin Laden was fatally
shot May 2 last year by US commandos who swooped into Abbottabad onboard
stealth helicopters and gunned down the Al Qaeda chief without tipping off
the Pakistani military, straining ties between Islamabad and Washington.

process launched for demolishing the compound on Saturday evening was
completed on Sunday night. The whole structure has been razed to the
ground," Geo News quoted a security official as saying in Abbottabad.

said steps were taken to avoid any mishap during the demolition process.

number of meetings had taken place since the May 2 operation for
demolishing the building, but the structure could not be demolished
earlier due to difference in opinion among the officials concerned. It was
finally decided to demolish the building on Saturday night," the official

A police officer said that a curfew was clamped in Bilal
Town, where the compound was located, Saturday evening. The curfew
remained till late Sunday night.

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