Exclusive: Reham Khan speaks about things that led to her divorce with Imran Khan

Exclusive: Reham Khan speaks about things that led to her divorce with Imran Khan

By: || Updated: 12 Dec 2015 08:16 AM
New Delhi: One of the most high-profile weddings of Pakistan was that of cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan and TV journalist Reham Khan, which lasted for just 10 months. They announced their decision to split on October 30.

In an exclusive interview to ABP News, she has opened up about what led to the end of her marriage.

On being asked about the reason for the breakup of wedding, Reham Khan said, "After marriage we (females) totally forget ourselves and our identity and start walking as per the will of our husband. On September, I was invited in India by a very well know journal to speak on women empowerment. But PTI Party and from home I was told not to go. To keep the relationship, I cancelled the trip on the last movement for India and now I regret that.



"In both the countries when females get married, they work hard to keep the relationship. There were boundations earlier also and after marriage also, but if the relationship is strong we manage to overcome;  if the relationship is weak then that hurdles break the relationship.

"What I felt bad is there were continuous attacks on me for 10 months, but no one came to defend me," former BBC anchor said.

Speaking further about the relationship she said-"I believe that if two people are not happy with each other and they have different aims in life so it is better to move apart".

Speaking about the divorce, she said-" The stigma of 'divorce' is always attached with the wife, not with the male".


On being asked that she was very active and Imran Khan was insecure that she may hijack party, Reham said, "What I'm supposed to get I will and what you are supposed to get you will."

Concluding her interview, she said, "There must be some flaw in me and some in him" that is why the wedding didn't work.

Talking about the future, she indirectly hinted that she may enter the politics soon.

Reham Khan's EXCLUSIVE interview to ABP News Network

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