Boy survives with heart outside body


A PENNSYLVANIA infant has survived after being born with his heart outside
of his body, according to a report which appeared in Due to a
combination of rare heart defects, Ryan Marquiss was born with only half a
heart, which was protruding out of his chest cavity, covered only by a
thin membrane.

Doctors told his parents chances of survival were
low – most babies with the condition are stillborn or die within three
days.  After more than a dozen surgeries however, Ryan pulled through and
is about to celebrate his third birthday.
quoted Daily Mail as stating that the doctors discovered the defect,
called ectopia cordis, which caused Ryan’s heart to develop outside his
body when Ryan’s mother was just 12 weeks pregnant and advised her to
terminate the pregnancy, though she and her husband refused. In addition,
Ryan also suffered from hypoplastic right heart syndrome, where only the
left side developed properly.

‘We wanted to let nature take its
course, so we refused to have the termination,” Ryan’s mother told the
Daily Mail.  “We knew it would be a miracle if he survived the
birth but we were unwilling to take matters into our own hands.” “The
doctors told us that no baby with Ryan’s combination of defects had ever
survived, so the fact that he is here with us today, is just amazing,”
she added.  “He really has astounded everyone.”

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