Bizarre! Man cooks neighbour's dog and what he does next is shocking !

The man was so irritated by the dog's continuous barking that he killed the dog.

By: | Updated: 12 Apr 2018 10:42 PM
Bizarre! Man cooks neighbour's dog and what he does next is shocking !

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New Delhi: In an incident that might seem disturbing, particularly to the pet-lovers, a farmer allegedly killed and cooked a neighbour’s barking dog in South Korea.

What he does next is even more ruthless. He invited the ‘unsuspecting’ owner of the dog to share the meat over dinner.

The incident has triggered an online outrage.

According to reports, the man confessed to the crime after another neighbour informed the dog-owning family.

The two-year-old Welsh corgi’s barks irritated the man so much that he threw a stone at it, making it unconscious first. He, then strangled the animal and then cooked it, AFP reported.

The neighbours including the father of the family that owned the dog were invited for dinner.

He reportedly went over to his neighbours who were looking for the dog. He consoled them over missing dog and invited them. The invitation was declined as the family does not eat dog’s meat.

South Korea has had a culture of consuming dog’s meat, which has declined rapidly as the trend of petting dogs has been on rise. The younger generation particularly looks down at eating dog’s meat.

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First Published: 12 Apr 2018 02:38 PM
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