American-Sikh woman forced to show breast pump to prove she is not a terrorist

American-Sikh woman forced to show breast pump to prove she is not a terrorist

By: || Updated: 05 Dec 2015 04:58 PM
New Delhi: Even as a scores of people in San Bernardino in California are yet to come to terms with the gruesome terror attack that that left 14 dead, the Muslim and Sikh population in the United States are fearing a backlash driven along the lines of racial profiling.

Recently, an American woman of Sikh ethnicity has revealed in a Facebook post that she was suspected as a terrorist while waiting for a flight to her home in Los Angeles, following which she was subjected to a harrowing experience.

The woman, named Valarie Kaur has said that upon removing the luggage tag from her carry-on baggage to retrieve her breast pump (Kaur is a nursing mother), a passenger behind her raised an alarm, rousing airport personnel to act in a manner that she described as "angry". Kaur was specific to mention that both the people who caused her some amount of harassment were of white skin colour, evidently hinting at a case of racial profiling. The woman goes on to narrate how she was not initially allowed to embark the flight, upon which she was forced to show the concerned authorities her breast pump to apparently prove she is not a terrorist and end her ordeal.

The incident occurred on December 2, and Kaur later updated that airline Delta had issued her an apology. But the unfortunate even had left her, in her own words "angry and shaken and sad."

Valarie Kaur is a Media & Justice Fellow at Stanford Law School, University of California.

Read Valarie Kaur's full Facebook post here.

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