VIRAL SACH: Consuming Pepsi and Polo together will not kill you

VIRAL SACH: Consuming Pepsi and Polo together will not kill you

By: || Updated: 30 May 2016 05:35 PM
New Delhi: Today in viral sach we will investigate the truth of picture which claims death. The picture states that consuming Pepsi and Polo together will lead to instant death because the mixture turns into cyanide poison.


The picture features a man with blood around his mouth which means one can puke blood if he/she consumes these two products simultaneously.

To know the truth of this picture, ABP News spoke to Gastroenterologist Dr. Ashok Dayal of Delhi’s  Primus Super speciality hospital. Dr. Dayal clearly stated that one can suffer from gas after consuming Pepsi and polo together but there is no such incident and research came to light which had proved the same.

“If you took aspirin or disprins after consuming alcohol, then in that case one can puke blood which is quite dangerous,” Dr Ashok Dayal informed ABP News.

We also got in touch with Nestle, pepsi and coca-cola. Pepsico spokesperson told us that this message is not at all true. This is baseless, people should not get trapped into it.

Meanwhile Nestle which manufactures Polo said, “we assure our customers that we strictly follow the rules regarding safety and quality of our product. We didn’t receive any evidence which proves having polo with other thing has adverse effects.”

Coca-cola told ABP News that you will see the same froth if you use salt in place of mint. Consuming the two products will not cause death as claimed. It is completely untrue.

In our investigation we found that consuming the products can cause gas but it will not kill you.



In ABP News’ investigation, the viral picture turns out to be hoax.



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