Watch top news of the day in Jan Man bulletin

Watch top news of the day in Jan Man bulletin

Updated 17 Nov 2017 09:30 PM

Watch top news of the day in Jan Man bulletin

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GuruJi with Pawan Sinha: Know the mystery of Ram Setu

After winning the title of Mr.India 2017, Jitesh Singh Deo shared his joy and dreams with Ravi Jain

Lucknow: Former BJP MLA Prem Prakash's son shot dead

Gujarat Assembly Elections: BJP questions absence of Sardar Patel's poster in Rahul Gandhi's swearing in ceremony

Gujarat Assembly Elections: Hardik Patel says BJP may tamper with EVMs

GuruJi with Pawan Sinha: Libras might get profit in terms of money

Guruji with Pawan Sinha: It can be a busy day for Virgo people

BJP won't get enough seats in Gujarat to form government: Maharashtra BJP MP Sanjay Kakade

GuruJi with Pawan Sinha: Scorpions need to take suggestion from elders

Guruji with Pawan Sinha: Leo people need to think before they speak

GuruJi with Pawan Sinha: Health and money wise not a good day for Sagittarius people

GuruJi with Pawan Sinha: A lucky day for Capricorn people

Guruji with Pawan Sinha: Cancerians may face confusions and worries

Top 10: Maharashtra BJP MP Sanjay Kakade predicts party's loss in Gujarat assembly elections

GuruJi with Pawan Sinha: Aquarians may get benefited by studying today

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