PM Modi's FULL SPEECH: Those who lost money after demonetisation are protesting against it

PM Modi's FULL SPEECH: Those who lost money after demonetisation are protesting against it

Updated 29 Nov 2017 01:39 PM

PM Modi's FULL SPEECH: Those who lost money after demonetisation are protesting against it

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday kick started his campaign for assembly elections by addressing a public rally in Morbi. PM while addressing the rally lashed out at Congress and its Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

Major takeaways from PM Modi's speech:

In good and bad times, the Jan Sangh and the BJP have stood with the people of Morbi. One cannot say the same about the Congress and their leaders: PM Narendra Modi

For us, what matters is the wellbeing of people. Even when we were not in power we were with the people of Morbi and serving society: PM

"Even in Varanasi, people have all information about the people of Morbi" says PM

"As a result of our work in Gujarat, the state would not have to look back even in 100 years" says PM Narendra Modi

"We attempted to send Narmada water in every nook and corner of Gujarat" says PM Narendra Modi

"Congress is spreading false words on the soil of Gujarat" says PM Narendra Modi

Opposition baffled because we put a check on corruption" says PM

Through the SAUNI Yojana, we built huge pipelines. Dams in Saurashtra are being filled due to SAUNI Yojana. But, I do not think the Congress can see all this: PM

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