Sarahah : The anonymous messaging app that has gone viral

Sarahah : The anonymous messaging app that has gone viral

Sarahah, currently the most viral thing on the internet, is a platform where one can make honest confessions to anybody without letting the other person know who sent the message.

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In its Google Play Store description , the app says: “Sarahah helps people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback.”

Sarahah app has overnight taken the Indian netizens by a storm. Our social media is suddenly flooded with posts about Sarahah, but what is it about this app that is making the world go bonkers?

Well, the app has shot to immediate popularity because it lets people speak their heart out without revealing their identity. Yes, we're talking about confessions- anonymous confessions.

Sarahah, created by Saudi developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq, has quenched people's long desire to be flat out honest with others, without staking anything.While the sender enjoys letting go of what he had been holding inside him, the receiver enjoys guessing who could have written the message.

The app was originally created in the year 2016 with a purpose for receiving honest feedback from employees without revealing their identities. The app however transcended the boundaries and became a social media rage. It was reportedly on the top of Apple App store in more than 30 countries in the month of July. It is available in two languages-English and Arabic.  Interestingly, 'Sarahah' is the Arabic for ''honesty''.

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For using Sarahah one has to download the app and then get registered. Then the users can search their friends who they want to text and ''leave a constructive message''. One can also share their Sarahah profile link on the social media so that those in the friend-list can know how to send secret messages to you. The receiver can either like the confession or can block the person , if the message is derogatory. Neither the response of the receiver is notified to the sender, nor can the receiver reply to the message. However, the company is developing this feature of replying back to anonymous messages.

The App allows the receiver to share the confession on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. And that's how we could see so many bitter/sweet confessions floating on the social media since past couple of days.

Sarahah is all about direct and honest confessions and there is always a risk of being over-honest with it. There is no denying that this 'concealed identity messaging' can potentially trigger hateful texts.

The app's description on Google Play Store reads "Sarahah helps people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback" and we hope that the feedback actually retains the 'constructive' essence overtime.

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