Let’s focus on some real issues

Let’s focus on some real issues

By: || Updated: 06 Nov 2014 06:24 AM
While the news channels were busy discussing the alleged story of a reporter’s mike being pushed away, there were far more important issues concerning the nation that were missed out. In its recent observations, Supreme Court has come down hard on the Modi government not just on the black money issue but also on the Delhi Assembly elections and its ambitious Ganga cleaning project.


In all the noise in the media meant to hound an individual about his purported land deals, it was conveniently missed out that three high courts, along with the Supreme Court, have outright rejected the PILs filed against the land deals. The Supreme Court, after hearing the Petitioner-in-Person, in fact chided him for engaging in cheap publicity and instituting frivolous petitions targeting a single individual for the same. It even said that this attitude of filing PILs for frivolous reasons defeats the very objective for which the mechanism was developed. "We won't allow you to destroy someone's reputation. Merely because someone is related to a politician, you cannot call him a sinner," said Justice HL Dattu.


It doesn’t need reminding that Rajasthan government under the BJP has been unable to come up with anything on these so-called ‘fraudulent land deals’ in ten months of their tenure. The BJP government at the centre too has done nothing in the last five months. Haryana is now also ruled by the BJP, so there is nothing that stops them from filing charges and prosecuting the individual. Clearly, they have no case and just wish to keep the discussion on for political gains – as they did with the Ram Mandir for years. 


If it is about favours by the government to individuals, the question media should ask is from the Modi government as to how it, in one stroke, gave an all environmental clearance for 370 acres of land to the industrialist from Gujarat, reputed to be very close to the Prime Minister, despite the project flouting the set environmental norms.


However, there are even more relevant issues that the nation must know and discuss. In my last week’s post on black money, I had written about the Supreme Court’s vote of no-confidence in the current government. Black Money was not all that the Supreme Court’s rapped this government on the knuckles for -- on the Ganga rejuvenation plan, the highest court in the land castigated the Modi government for the plan submitted to the court. Then, there was another case where Supreme Court called the Modi government Kumbhakaran.  Even on the plight of Delhi running without a government, the Supreme court had to intervene and slam the government for using delaying tactics. We were all witness to the way the BJP was trying all desperate means to avoid an election, including wanting to buy out MLAs to form the government.  What was the reason for the BJP to delay this entire process?


Jab dangey ho ghar pe, toh samjho election aa rahein hain sar pe  is the BJP’s  tried and tested formula before election, whether in UP or Jammu and Kashmir or Bihar, and now in Delhi. Delhi is facing communal riots now after years of communal harmony. What started in Trilokpuri is continuing in Bawana, with no move to calm things down or ease the communal tension that prevails. BJP’s role has also come into question with its MLAs found to be instigating people in both these areas. All across the country, there is only one party which has reaped its electoral fortunes by dividing communities on caste and religious lines. No marks for guessing which party that is.


The worst kind of politics any party can do is over the dead and BJP has excelled there too. On 30th October, all newspapers carried a story of how the government at the centre will be paying an enhanced compensation of Rs. 5 lakhs to the victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots; the date and reason for that announcement is known to all and I will not want to get there. After all, the same Mr Modi had attacked the UPA government when it wanted to pay enhanced compensation to the victims of Gujarat riots. Anyway, even after the opportunistic announcement, what is the most despicable is that the Home Ministry in an letter to the Election Commission has denied taking any such decision.


Mr Modi’s talk of development has been hollow talk so far, with no deeds to match the bombastic words.  It is still early days and people are watching and patiently waiting to see the BJP government act on the tall promises. But there is a lot that is going wrong under the current government and we in the opposition will continue to highlight it in the strongest manner possible. When people turn up to vote next, they will then make an informed choice and show the arrogant BJP leadership the power of the vote. That is what democracy is about, and Indian history is a testimony to the strength of our democracy.


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