Can Santa Claus gift ‘good governance’ to Modi’s government this Christmas?

Can Santa Claus gift ‘good governance’ to Modi’s government this Christmas?

By: || Updated: 18 Dec 2014 04:15 AM
‘Give us some time…60 saal power main rehne wale humse report card maang rahein hain…’


We heard this when the elected government had completed 100 days, little realizing that it was they who promised to achieve a lot more in 100 days that past governments  could achieve in 60 years. It was they who spoke about black money, higher GDP growth rate, controlling inflation, and a stronger rupee. The list of their 100 day promises doesn’t end there. The Modi government though chooses to be brazen about it.


Various BJP spokespersons on channels, when reminded of these promises, just shrug it off by saying it is the unemployed opposition that’s making it an issue, people already replied on May 16. Yes, but these too clever by half BJP leaders don’t realize that the people have given them the mandate to deliver on their electoral promises, and it is their responsibility to the same voters that they give the country a report card of how far they have achieved their promises. Accountability didn’t end on 16 May; it began from that day onwards, dear BJP government.


Having brazened it out in 100 days of governance, they continue in the same arrogant vein even after completion of more than six months of non-governance.  The Congress had released a book of BJP’s U turns which exposes the Bhartiya Janta Party and Narendra Modi government’s Maximum Talk, Minimum Action. The most brazen form of hyposcrisy seems to be coming from Human Resources Development Minister Ms. Smriti Irani. A lot has been spoken about her fake affidavits and Yale degrees -- her response to it was to judge her by her work. Let’s for argument’s sake forget the laws she broke with impunity when she submitted fake affidavits with different education details and talk about her work as she has asked us to.


So what has our HRD Minister been up to? It started with celebrating Teacher’s Day -- while maintaining that the Prime Minister’s address to the students was  a voluntary initiative but through a web of circulars issued, she let the schools know that they had to ensure that the PM’s address was screened in every single school. Even if it meant the schools had to rent televisions to screen them, generators to run the TV sets , it was to be done and a detailed report for the same would have to be submitted to Ms Irani’s ministry. Various denials from the minister could not belie the circulars that originated from her ministry.


When it comes to Christmas, Ms Irani’s ministry went a bit too far again. Her tweets and her denial now stand exposed because of the circulars her ministry issued to various schools, technical institutions and universities. It definitely raises questions about the ministry’s agenda for education. In the backdrop of forced conversions being undertaken by the Sangh Parivar, her ministry’s directive to various universities and schools to celebrate Christmas as Good Governance Day as a tribute to Madan Mohan Malviyaji and Atal Behari Vajpayeeji seems like an agenda being set by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.


It definitely isn’t a bad idea to celebrate good governance day. Rather why just a day, shouldn’t the elected representatives pledge to do it every single day? In any case, this government needs to learn good governance – so what if it is from primary school kids. Choosing to remember the two leaders on their birthday is not a wrong either but what is wrong is imposing people to do that on a day that also happens to be the biggest day for those who celebrate Christmas around the country. By imposing online and offline essay writing, drama, debates and keeping the schools open under the pretext of good governance, Ms Irani  clearly shows that her intention is not as noble as she would want the country to believe. Especially when in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand tribal areas, RSS/VHP are insisting on no distribution of chocolates, and no Santa Claus to celebrate Christmas Day.


All these only emphasize the bad governance model this government has been following. It has moved far away from the promises of development that they made to the people of this country. With no progress to show, they are now doing what they do best, that is divide the people on the basis of their religion.


It is not a co-incidence that Union Minister Sadhvi Jyoti made her inflammatory comments during her election rallies and continues her election campaigning despite the outcry, not a co-incidence that Yogi Adityanath justifies the conversions and Ghar Wapasi events organised by RSS, and not a co-incidence that Good Governance take precedence over Christmas celebrations. It is part of a conspiracy and deliberate strategy on the part of BJP to divide the people of the nation. The Prime Minister’s silence over all this only reaffirms that his quiet acceptance is a tacit encouragement to such incidents by men and women of his party.



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