Yes, It Really Happened! Mysterious Snake Stays At Same Place For Month, Attracts Devotees

Yes, It Really Happened! Mysterious Snake Stays At Same Place For Month, Attracts Devotees

Villagers are demanding to build a shiv temple at the spot.

By: || Updated: 24 Feb 2018 12:05 PM
New Delhi: In a strange event, a snake is sitting at the same place for more than a month now in Delhi's Rewla Khanpur village and now people are demanding to built a shiv temple at the spot.

A few days ago, the snake appeared at the spot, at that time the villagers drive him away. After few days the snake once again came back at the same spot. The locals consider this as a miracle and now want to build a temple over their. Not just this they have also offered milk to the snake and are now planning to do 'Kirtans' at the location.

To get the insight of the incident, ABP News spoke to the locals who consider it as a miracle and are now demanding to build a temple at the site.

Nemchand Tyagi a villager says,"We noticed this snake at this point nearly a month ago. Now people from nearby villages also come to see this holy snake. We want to build a temple here in his memory.We have driven him away from this place several times but surprisingly everytime he comes back."

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Wildlife officers also visited the village to take away the snake with them but the villagers have not allowed them to do so.

Nemchnad Tiwari told ABP News that wildlife authorities once even took him away with them, but somehow they managed to bring him back.

ABP News also contacted to wildlife expert Narendra Sharma who asserts the whole incident as normal. He says,"there is nothing special about the incident, it is very common, snakes often come back to the place where once they had lived. We should remember that increasing deforestation and rise of human settlements near the forest area is probably one of the reasons for it

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