Promise Day: 5 Famous Couples And The Unique Promises They Have Made To Their Partner

Promise Day: 5 Famous Couples And The Unique Promises They Have Made To Their Partner

Well, it's Promise Day today, so we have brought some very special love stories for you

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New Delhi: We do not know whether God makes pairs on Earth or not, but they say that love is also a way of worshiping that Lord. Very lucky are those people who get to live a life together with their love.

Well, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so we have brought some very special love stories for you:

  1. Raza Murad and Shahrukh


Bollywood's most loved villain Raza Murad may play negative roles, but in real life, he is a very sensitive and quiet person. For 45 years, Raza Murad, who is associated with the film world, does not require any introduction, but very few people know about his romantic side.

Raza Murad remembers his first meeting with his wife. He says, ''A girl like Surai was waiting for me with a rose in her hands. There was no question of denying that girl for marriage''. Raza says, ''My mother had liked her for me, her name is Shahrukh and she was from Bhopal. Initially, for her to be comfortable in a big city like Mumbai, was very difficult, but during his period I stayed like a friend with her. Once upon a time, our marriage was on the verge of breaking but my mother had decided that only she would be my bride. We took 6 months to convince our family and then everything was fine. Today, we have been with each other for more than 30 years.

Raja recalls a very beautiful experience, ''She was going to Bhopal for the first time after her marriage and I had to leave her at the airport. During that time she wore a very beautiful Jaipuri sari and tears in her eyes. Even today I do not forget that moment. I still remember that innocence in her eyes. There was no phone those days but when she used to go to her house, we used to talk to each other through letters. Even today, we have kept those letters''.

Promise: I do not know whether a person is reborn or not. But if that happens, then I want my wife Shahrukh to promise me that she be mine in every birth.

2. Himanshu and Amrita


A well-known face, Himanshu has excelled in TV and movies because of his hard work. Without any godfather, he has made a separate identity for himself in this entertainment industry. Equally talented is his wife Amrita. Both of them started their journey almost together. Here's their cute little love story ..

Himesh recalls his first meeting with Amrita,''We met at a contest in 2004, at that time neither I had achieved any special status in my career nor my wife Amrita. But we both knew and were sure that one day we are going to do something very good. During that contest we were in a resort for about 6 months because of the shooting and we became good friends''.

The special thing about our friendship was that we used to pay attention to each other's strengths rather than shortcomings. During the competition, we both continued to encourage each other to move forward. After dating each other for nearly 11 years, we decided to get married and now our marriage has been 3 years. Himanshu does not get tired of praising his wife and says, Amrita is not just a good person but she is very talented too. Both of us are quite different, but there is one thing in both of us which is common: our simplicity. Both of us never let our work dominate us. I am very lucky that I have got a life partner like Amrita.

Promise: I want to promise Amrita that no matter how much she tries, she will never be able to find a better friend than me. I always want to be her best friend.

I always say this to Amrita ...Pyar dosti hai ... agar woh meri sab se achchi dost nahin ban sakti, to main usse kabhi pyar kar hi nahi sakta ... kyun ki dosti bina toh pyar hota hi nahin ... simple, pyar dosti hai..

3.Mrunal Jain and Sweety Jain


Mrunal Jain, the well-known face of the TV industry, started his career in the year 2008. After that he never looked back. What made this journey even more special was his wife Sweety. In the year 2013, Mrinal married Sweety and the special thing is that their marriage was an arranged marriage

Mrinal says, ''Our marriage was an arranged marriage and before marriage, we met only once or twice. Sweety is a very quiet and resolved girl and her simplicity make her very special. We got married in July 2013 and after that, we got an opportunity to come close to each other.

This journey from engagement to marriage was very special although we did not meet at this time because I was busy in my work. But after marriage, all changed and every day was better than the day before. Mrinal says that when they got married they were absolute strangers to each other, and after marriage, all changed. Now we are each other's best friends. Like every relationship, we also saw many fluctuations in life, but the special thing in all this, we came closer to each other and our relationship became stronger than ever''.

Promise: I just want to promise Sweety that I will always love her no matter what the situation is. Our love will never weaken.

I always tell Sweety, whatever I wanted from life, I got it all in your eyes ..!

4. Sangram Singh and Payal Rohatgi


Sangram Singh, who is a finalist of Big Boss, is an actor, and also a world wrestling champion. Sangram Singh, who is a tough guy in the wrestling ring, has a soft heart. He is also always ready to help people. His fiancé and actress Payal Rohatgi also does not require any introduction. Their love story is quite fun. Read how a village guy got arrested in the love of this young girl.

Recalling his first meeting, Sangram says, I first met Payal on the Delhi-Agra Highway. During that time Payal's car was damaged and I stopped to help her. This was 2010, when I was preparing for my wrestling competition. I helped her and we got formally introduced. I did not know about Valentine's Day initially and I had celebrated my first valentine with Payal. Our story was a sort of a movie, I was a desi man and Payal was an urban girl. Our lifestyles were completely different and that actually was the special thing of the relationship which always pulled us towards each other.

Our friendship had become so deep that when we look back, we do not remember when we actually did propose each other. We have been together for almost 8 years and we are planning to give our name to this relationship soon. But right now, it has not been decided when we will get married to each other.

Promise- I just want to promise Payal that I will love her the way she is. Our upbringing is different from each other but our hearts throb the same. So I like you just the way you are and do not change yourself for anyone.

I always say to Payal, Tum bin jiya jaye kaise, Kaise jiya jaye tum bin..

5. Uma Iyer and Rawal



Uma Aiyar is a familiar face in the media. She has also been a senior media consultant in the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India, and a famous RJ. She has done many shows for Bhopal All India Radio, and has been famous for her unique voice. Uma's love story is quite interesting. It is not easy to convince a baba of her love who was 19 years older than her.

Uma says, ''This year Valentine's Day is very special for me, I had seen Ravalji for the first time on the day of Shivratri in 2003, about 15 years ago today. At first glance, I thought that this man is very special, but it was difficult because he was a monk. He donned a white kurta pajama, rudraksha garland, decency on the face and that was enough for me to give my heart to him. I always felt that positive energy around him and still feel it today.

It was very difficult to convince him of my love, but I was also stubborn and for nearly a year I kept pursuing him. In the end, he had to say yes. Our marriage was very difficult as my family was not happy with this relationship, saying that the decision to marry an NRI Baba is childish.

But I was determined, and we got married amidst the presence of some people in our office. It has been 15 years since our wedding and it seems that our relationship is still fresh today. Our love for each other has only increased every day. The situation is that nowadays when we think that we have not fought for a long time, we indulge in a few silly fights. Let's just say that after meeting him, I got to know that love can be so beautiful.

I want to sing this for him: Tera saath hai itana pyaara...Kam lagta hai jeevan saara 
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