Promise Day: Here's The Amazing Story Of These Couples And The Promises They Have Made To Each Other

Promise Day: Here's The Amazing Story Of These Couples And The Promises They Have Made To Each Other

These stories are not stories of any famous faces, but these are love stories, like us and ordinary people like you.

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New Delhi: Love is in the air and we are almost in the midst of the Valentine week. Yes, it's Promise Day today!

Celebrated on the fifth day of Valentine's Week, this day stands for the promises and commitments couples in love make for each other. Be it the promise of spending a lifetime together or the commitment of being with each other through thick and thin, this day is celebrated to remember those promises that make a relationship stronger.

To make this day even more special, we talked to 10 real life couples whose love story is just like yours. These stories are not stories of any famous faces, but these are love stories, like us and ordinary people like you. We asked that one thing they would want to promise each other. 

  1. Jasvir Kaur and Gurbaj


Hailing from Punjabi families, the story of Jasvir and Gurbaj is quite interesting. This couple, who lived in Delhi, was supposed to have an arrange marriage but fate had other plans.

Jasvir said, 'The proposal came from Gurbaj's elder brother, but nothing happened and the marriage was put off. But when and how my eyes and the eyes of Gurbaz liked one another, we don't know. But it was difficult at that time because once the relationship between our families was broken, how could it start again? Well after a lot of hard work, we managed to persuade our family members. We completed 7 years on January 27 and still wonder how so much time has passed.

Jasvir: On this Valentine's day, I want a promise from my husband Gurbaj that he takes me to travel around the world and not stop until we are old. I am also very fond of dance. I want to dance not only on our children's wedding  but also on our grandchildren's wedding at the stage together. I will dedicate this film dialogue to him: “Itni Shiddat se maine tujhe paane ki koshish ki hai; ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saajish ki hain”.

Gurbaj: I am very much a fitness freak, so I want a promise from Jasvir that she should always keep herself fit so that we do not have to drop plans for travel. As far as the dialogue is concerned, I just want to say this. Love is the magic that always keeps us young.

2.Kanchan and Chandan Jaiswal


I (Chandan Jaiswal) and my wife have been together for 9 years. After dating for two years, we decided to get married. It took us a year to travel from Bihar to Orissa. I am from Bihar and my wife Kanchan belongs to Orissa. After a lot of efforts, we managed to persuade our family members and we got married. Today even after 7 years of marriage, our love was like it was 9 years ago.

Chandan Jaiswal: To make this Valentine special, I want to promise Kanchan that I will never let her grow old, how much life goes on and how much burden of responsibilities fall on us. I will not forget. I always tell her his when she is worried ... Small things happen in big cities.

Kanchan: I want a promise from Chandan that he continues to love me like this, no matter how old we get. Just keep loving me the same way

3.Chetna and Gaurav


It is said that God makes couples in Heaven, but nowadays, some beautiful pairs also form via matrimonial sites. Such is the pair of Chetna and Gaurav. Chetna says, ''I was against matrimonial sites. But never thought this site would give me the most beautiful gift of my life.

One day, a proposal came from Gaurav on the matrimonial site came and I came to know that we both are from the same profession. I replied to him. After the talks, the rounds of meetings started and when we talked a bit, we realized that we are perfect for each other. It is not that the journey of love was easy ... but we had decided, so the family also agreed.

Chetna: I want a promise from Gaurav that he keeps laughing with me always. I do not like tears, and no matter what, we keep laughing and smiling. I just want to say that to him, ''We live once, die once ... and love happens only once. And I have found that in Gaurav''

Gaurav: I just want her to continue loving me always and may with age, our love increase and becomes more deeper than before.

4. Dipika and Anshul


Deepika and Anshul became friends with each other on A series of conversations then started on the matrimonial site. Deepika says, after talking over the phone for a year, we realized we should be together. When we realized that we would not be able to live without each other, then we told our family about this relationship without delay, and they also agreed. Today our marriage has been a year.

Deepika: I want a promise from Anshul, that he reduces playing pranks with me. Otherwise, this time he is going to get a tough competition from me. I would like to dedicate this Bollywood dialogue to him: From the time I have understood love, love has to go .. I have only loved you.

Anshul: I just want this promise that she stays the same. Do not ever change yourself for anyone. I would like to dedicate this dialogue of the movie 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' ... When you smile, life seems so beautiful.

5. Dr. Vidushi Jain and Dr. Ashish Jaiswal


It is said that many people fall in love in college, but only a few love stories reach the destination. One such couple is Dr. Vidushi Jain and Dr. Ashish Jaiswal whose love started in college but their love didn't end with the end of studies.

Vidushi says, when we met, I was in the third year of MBBS and Ashish was my senior. He often taught me and used to try to impress me with his intelligence. Slowly we became friends, friendship changed to a deep friendship and then reached to love. After some time we got separated from each other because the course of Ashish was over and he went back to Delhi.

We stayed away for a year. After this we mustered courage and talked about our relationship with our families and they agreed to our marriage. Our wedding took place on February 6 this year.

Vidushi: I want a promise from Ashish that he never be far away from me. Film dialogue for him would be, ''From the time  I have understood love, I have just loved you and I will continue to do it''.

Ashish: I want to promise that I will always try to understand you without you telling me. 'I am sure that I am born so that I can love you  and that one day you become mine'

6.Shayan and Senjuti Dasgupta


It is said that love happens only once and those people are very lucky whose first love reaches the destination. One such couple is Shayan Dasgupta and Senjuti Dasgupta, who have been with each other for 18 years.

Senjuti says Shayan was my elder brother's friend. I remember when I was in second class and he was in class 10th then I saw him for the first time. I was very small to say but love has neither any age nor any limit. With time our love became stronger and today we are married.

Shayan Dasgupta - I want to promise that I will never leave your hand. Song .. Today all your lanes have become mine, from today my house is yours ...

Senjuti Dasgupta - I want to promise that I will never leave you no matter what the situation. Song .. Tujh mein rab dikhta hai..

7. Sumit Chauhan and Azra Parween


I met Azra Parveen College in the first year, in 2010. Slowly, friendship changed into love. After 5 years of relationship, the decision was taken to pursue the relationship, but religion became a wall. We tried to persuade our parents, but they did not agree. Things started deteriorating, so we decided to get married first and then tell them.

On June 22, 2016, we both married in the Special Marriage Act i.e. none of us changed our religion. My family agreed, but Azra's family didn't. Then Azra left home, but they are still angry with us. Despite all the difficulties, we have always stood with each other and enjoy our married life well.

This Valentine day will repeat the same promise to each other that we did to each other before marriage. Today, tomorrow and always we will be friends first. We both want to sing..Pehla Nasha Pehla Khummar Naya Pyaar Hai Naya Intezaar

8. Vishwas and Tamanna


A similar love story is of Tamanna and Vishwas. While working together, they didn't know when they promised to live a life together. Tamanna says, ''One day, Vishwas gave me her a surprise by proposing to her. We were already good friends, so I also said yes. Then the families met and got married, now 5 years have passed and we feel as if it is only yesterday''.

Tamanna promises, I like you just like you are and I will always love you like it. In the same style, I would like to say a dialogue of 'Mohabbatein' ...Koi pyar kare toh tumse kare, tum jaise ho waise kare ... koi tumko badal ke pyar kare, toh woh pyar nahi woh sauda kare ... aur saheba, pyar mein sauda nahi hota ..

Vishwas: I just want to ask you to never change ...

9.Ruchi and Priyank


Almost 25 years of togetherness and 9 years of marriage ... our love story is a little filmy. We have studied with one another from class 1 in the same school, same colony. After Class 10, there came a break in our love story when Priyank shifted to London but love knows no boundaries. It was the time of Orkut then and Priyanka approached me there, and in 2008, he proposed for marriage.

Ruchi - I want to promise him that I will always stand with him and I want Priyank to also always stand by me, whatever the situation is.

Priyank- I promise to you that I will always keep you happy. I like you the way you are and I want to love you the same way.
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