One In Every Three Indian Women Receives Vulgar Messages And Sexually Lewd Calls Every Week

78% women received calls with lewd and sexual content every week.

By: | Updated: 09 Mar 2018 01:32 PM
One In Every Three Indian Women Receives Vulgar Messages And Sexually Lewd Calls Every Week
New Delhi: Women in India are not safe even in their homes. After passing coming across obscene comments in public spaces, stalkers find it hard to leave them alone. It was found that in India, one out of three women receives lewd and inappropriate calls or messages.

From January 20th to February 22nd, Truecaller surveyed 2,000 women aged between 15 to 35 in 15 Indian cities. Being the largest market with 150 million users, India was the first country to be surveyed by Truecaller.

As per the survey, it was found that:

  • Women report far more spam calls than men.

  • 78% women received calls with lewd and sexual content every week.

  • 50% of these calls were made by the anonymous person, 11% by stalkers and 3% were made by a known person.

  • 82% reported receiving inappropriate videos and pictures every week.

Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur has the highest instances of such harassing calls on a weekly basis.

The survey indicated that only 10% women approach the police, the rest 90% refrain from filing a complaint due to fear, embarrassment and lack of confidence.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, an Instagram page Terrible Tiny Tales (TTT) started a series of  #CreepAlert, where they posted stories showcasing women replying to such lewd comments.

DO NOT TEACH HER TO BE KIND - Madhura Sonegaonkar (@madhurasonegaonkar) One afternoon she was found crying on the bathroom floor in high school Cheeks red with palm marks Hands the size of a teenager She was kind to him Later that year she was found shaking in the back seat of her car Eyes staring into oblivion Mouth partially open chanting sorry He was driving her back home She was kind to him A few months into college she was found in the nurse's quarters Her forearms bleeding with nail marks Her eyes shut and tears rolling down The word "no" deleted from her dictionary She was kind to him The elevator at the office never saw her face She was found in the tenth-floor staircase Unconscious due to fatigue He waited at the elevator door for her every day She was kind to him Stop teaching her to be kind And start telling her to fight back Stop yelling at your daughter for saying no She needs to say it more and more Every day Every minute Every second This Women’s Day, we're celebrating, ranting, fighting, and speaking up. Just like every other day. :) #HappyWomensDay #terriblytinytales #ttt #microfiction #wordporn #words #wordgasm #writer #author #poet #poem #writing #amwriting #writersofinstagram #writersofig #poetsofinstagram #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #instapoet #storytelling #stories #story

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Dear Creep, Let me start with when I didn't have 'bobs'. I was eleven and afraid to step out of my house. Because you were everywhere, and it was new to me. Urinating outside my compound wall and smiling up at me. Perched atop the construction site across the road and setting up a whistling system. Sitting at a roadside teashop and breaking into vulgar songs. On desks and bathroom walls, among sudden breaks and jostling crowds - you were everywhere and nowhere in particular. Now, I don't even have to step out of the house. Ten years later, I must appreciate how you've progressed in technique and style. The internet has given you access to places where you cannot be. While you still put your hand in and pull out your insipid little weapon and wave it in broad daylight, you also make sure I don't miss it by transferring a clear photo of it in my inbox. Oh, how smoothly you slither into my DMs, how relentless is your long-distance lust, and how nicely you reject even my rejections! And I'm pretty sure it's all my fault - oh yes. That I have an active Instagram account with photos of me in crop tops are no less than invitation cards, no? But I have progressed, too. I don't think twice before stepping out now, nor do I look once at any exhibition you take the trouble to make. But while I may choose to look right through you and ignore your creepy attempts, know that if I decide to react, a lot can happen. Because guess who sent the nudes and who didn't? And guess who has screenshots? The internet is everywhere - and the internet is also forever. So, here's a response to your 'Dikhayegi kya?' Kindly leave me on 'read', and make sure I don't see you 'typing...' again. Never yours, The reply you've been waiting for. ~ Akhila Pingali (@akhila.pingali)

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