Top 5 Advertisements of 2015

Top 5 Advertisements of 2015

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New Delhi: Advertisement took a big leap in 2015, with various innovative, a few subtle, and some in-your-face ads populating television space. There was a time when an average TV viewer used to skip a channel each time an ad showed up. Modern-day advertisements, however, are designed in a manner that is sure to keep the viewer hooked to the TV set.

Among the highlights of 2015 are certain advertisements that made you look twice, enlightened you, tickled your funny bone, raised several questions, even made you emotional. There were also a few in that list that got ridiculed on social media. We bring you the best five ads of 2015 that have certainly created a buzz in the ad world.

Ambuja Cement ft. The Great Khali

WWE wrestler Dalip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali sent shockwaves across the world just by his sheer colossal structure but the muscleman also made a name for himself in the ad world too, by featuring in a brilliantly made Ambuja Cement ad. The ad tells the story of how the big and powerful Khali had trouble staying at home, cracking walls and collapsing ceilings due to his near-superhuman strength. But then, Ambuja Cement came to the rescue...

(Video credit: YouTube / bobby pawar)


Mauka Mauka series - ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The promotional advertisements for the 2015 cricket extravaganza, the ICC Cricket world Cup saw one of the highly creative and successful ad campaigns in Indian television, the 'Mauka Mauka' series. Yes, there's no need for an introduction as each Mauka Mauka ad was unique, very captivating, entertaining and blended perfectly with the theme and flavour of the season. The campaign proved to be a real blessing for actor Vishal Malhotra, who attained popularity as the 'Mauka Mauka guy'. Take a look at this ad which went on air before the India-Pakistan encounter at the World Cup...

(Video Credit: Star Sports)


Nescafe - Stammering Stand-up Comedian

One of the most motivating as well as touching ads of 2015, this particular Nescafe ad has been as brilliantly shot as it has been written. In just over two minutes, the ad manages to tell a beautiful story of a stammering stand-up comedian who struggled initially because of his handicap, but soon turned that into his strength. Actor Hussain Dalal has played the character wonderfully as well.

(Video credit: YouTube / Shankar Krishnasamy)


Dabur Vatika - Brave is Beautiful

For a product that essentially promises to deliver on the cliche 'long, shiny hair' to attach its name with this ad was a brave step indeed. However, the ad itself is inspirational, touching, and celebrates life in a manner that has been done by few in the ad world. It is almost a short film on female cancer survivors and how it takes a great deal of courage to step out in the open, as a female, after bearing the side-effects of cancer therapy. With a beautiful background score, this ad has the potential to leave your eyes feeling moist.

(Video credit: MyBeautyNaturally)


FeviKwik - Todo Nahi Jodo

At a time when the relationship between India and Pakistan is going through various crests and troughs, this hilarious ad comes masked with an important message. Through the concept of the adhesive that holds things together, this cheerfully-themed ad tells us that maybe the time has come to break the ice...

(Video credit: Pidilite)

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