“The Dumb DD news anchor” not a dumb anymore!

“The Dumb DD news anchor” not a dumb anymore!

By: || Updated: 01 Jan 1970 12:00 AM
New Delhi: After the Doordarshan news anchor’s “The Dumb DD news anchor” video goes viral she has decided to take a stand for herself. She was sent by Doordarshan to cover the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) live from Goa on November 20. Now she has chosen the Facebook page ‘The Logical Indian’ to tell the entire truth after facing severe criticism by the online community who addressed her using words like 'stupid', 'dumb' etc. She has recorded a video, explaining what all happened that evening and how it went all wrong.




According to 24-year-old Aayenah Pahuja, this is the only place where sensible people listen to you. “ I might be entertaining for you guys but it is very depressing for me, I felt suicidal lately because my carrier is at stake”, she said.


She do not want to defend herself or to blame somebody but simply tell the truth. She gave several reasons for the blunder like she did not had time to rehearse. Aayenah also said, " My instruction mic stopped working five minutes before we went live. Producer did not had any way to instruct me on who is coming next. I went nervous. It all happened because of a massive technical crash.”


“My 'Governor of India' mistake wasn’t intentional but I was nervous and it was just a slip of tongue. I apologize for the same”, said Pahuja


At last she requested that she has already become a big joke on the social media and people are still mocking on her  but next time if someone commits such mistake then before giving such harsh critics people must  listen to her side of the story and support her instead.


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