BIGG BOSS DAY 60: Sonali miffed with Gautam; Is she really a kaamchor in the house?

BIGG BOSS DAY 60: Sonali miffed with Gautam; Is she really a kaamchor in the house?

New Delhi: Yesterday, during the task, when Gautam was telling everybody whose fault is there in the task and who all didn’t do the task properly, he took many names like Karishma, Nigaar, Sonali and Diandra but nobody questioned him. But Sonali objected this when she heard her name. Gautam said that Sonali doesn’t work up to the mark which made her feel bad.



She replied that she works seriously and whatever task she is allotted in the house, she does it devotionally. Sonali probably hit back as she is not ready to forgive him for their misunderstandings and his argumentative attitude that bothers her. As she was constantly disagreeing with whatever Gautam had to say, Gautam finally told all the housemates to not talk to her for two hours and Sonali left the discussion in between.


 Also, Sonali is fumed with Gautam because of the latest incident that happened during the ‘Gautam City’ task in which Gautam asked each housemate to submit their belongings to Gautam. On Sonali’s turn, when Gautam asked for her cigarettes and make-up, she was annoyed at him for talking about her smoking very casually on the camera. She meant that her parents too watch the show and they would know about it.

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Karishma also said to Sonali that she is very chilled out and she is not bothered about what’s going in the house and what’s not. She also doesn’t do the work properly.

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Dimpy too told her earlier that she doesn’t make the chapattis in a round shape. But later, in the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode, she proved Dimpy wrong by making round chapattis when Salman asked her to.


The big question is that if she didn’t clean the garden area properly with the jhaadu,  is she really a big kaamchor?


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