Salman Khan Is A 'Chamcha' Of Dawood Ibrahim, I Am Not: Zubair Khan

Salman Khan Is A 'Chamcha' Of Dawood Ibrahim, I Am Not: Zubair Khan

You must be scared of Dawood, not me: Zubair

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New Delhi: Evicted contestant Zubair Khan openly challenges Salman Khan in a recent viral video surfaced on Internet.
Zubair took exit from the house citing health issues. But in the video, he can be seen telling journalists that he attempted  suicide because he could not go out of the house without doing it.
For those who are not following Bigg Boss, Zubair is the first contestant who got evicted from the house.

He further states, ''Bigg Boss house is a torture. And the controversial TV show-makers don't show the whole reality. They ruined my Image and I have been insulted.''

''I am not Vivek Oberoi or Ajaz Khan. Salman is very fond of insulting people. He defamed me infront of whole world. I am no don, i am a director.
Ajaz Khan 'Lukkha' played lead role in my movie  and Salman was given side role of Farookh Sheikh's brother in his movie.''

''I give you open challenge Salman Khan, do whatever you want to do against me. ''

(Bigg Boss 11 evicted contestant Zubair Khan/Image- Twitter @ColorsTV) (Bigg Boss 11 evicted contestant Zubair Khan/Image- Twitter @ColorsTV)

''My sisters will fight against you first. You spoiled my image citing i am a brother-in-law of some don. ''

''I was linked to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in a article publish in 2011  which spoiled my life. I am film director and do undercover reporting as well. I am a part of journalism. I will fight against Salman Khan till the end.''

''Color channel has spoiled my image. Salman Khan threatened me that 'swear to God, I will make you dog and beat you.''

Showcasing FIR copy of the complaint, he informed that complaint has been registered at Lonavala Police Station.

''Had I not attempted suicide, they wouldn't have let me go out of the house.

Speaking on what is happening in the Bigg Boss house Zubair said, ''They say that i am abusive if i raise my voice against whatever wrong is happening inside the house. Showmakers are earning money by spoiling contestant's image and insulting them.''

(Bigg Boss 11 evicted contestant Zubair Khan/Image- Twitter @ColorsTV) (Bigg Boss 11 evicted contestant Zubair Khan/Image- Twitter @ColorsTV)

Zubair's sister also reveals shocking truth about the show, 'It has been known that Bigg Boss is a reality show but it is all false. You are asked to fight and abuse two times in the house. Contestants are told that their abusive segment will be deleted but show-makers don't do it because negative profile gives them TRP.''

''See 'Bhai',You have played with my heart now i will play with your mind. You put howmuch strength you have. 'Tujhe jitni patang aur kabootar udaane hain uda, ab dekh ye yeda pathan kya karta hai.''

''God has given you name, fame and strength not to insult anyone.''

On his link to Dawood Ibrahim, Zubair says, ''People know me as brother-in-law of Dawood, cousin of Baba Khan, brother-in-law of Haseena Appa but i am coming to Bigg Boss only to reveal who is the real Zubair. I have no relation with anyone which has been circulated.''
''I have been given dialogues. I never know what lines the show-makers used and showed it on-air.  I was unconscious for almost 17-18 hours. Bigg Boss makers are so inhuman that they took me to private hospital, instead of government hospital where his statement was not recorded.

''One who attempts suicide and under mental torture, should be taken to government hospital.''

His sister says, ''A case should be filed against Salman Khan because Zubair Khan was mentally tortured.
''I want to see what Salman would do now as he said that he would see Zubair once he leaves the house. I am a one man army and i am not scared of anyone. I am not 'Chamcha' like you Salman Khan. We stand by nation, not with traitor. You must be scared of Dawood, not me. '', says Zubair.

''We have faith with Indian government and police more. '', says his sister.

Zubair further says, ''I went to the show to bring my family back by showing my love for them on the show. Who are you to speak in my family matter?

''You only changed your image after the car accident in 2011. I have all the reports what you do. You show off your good image in the name of your NGO 'Being Human'.''

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