BIGG BOSS: Here's the party tonight!

BIGG BOSS: Here's the party tonight!

By: || Updated: 10 Dec 2014 09:07 AM
New Delhi: Day 79 was a lighter day for the housemates as Bigg Boss plans something exciting for them. This time, Bigg Boss gave them the task of organizing a party in the house and they can invite their celebrity friends to the party.


This is the luxury budget task called as ‘Party Toh Banti Hai’. Housemates are divided into two, Team Pritam and Team Puneet.


Puneet and Pritam select their respective teams. Pritam selects, Sonali, Praneet and Upen while Puneet selects Gautam, Ali and Diandra.


Dimpy is not selected by anyone and hence is chosen to be the caretaker of the guests.


Karishma, as she is, completely manages the list in her signature style and hence creates her own list. Anyways, as the day goes further, the housemates one by one calls up their respective guests shortlisted by Karishma and Bigg Boss. They talk to them directly and invite them.


This is the first time ever in the history of Bigg Boss that a party of such kind is organized in the Bigg Boss house.


The party starts tonight and it will witness many of the famous guests and renowned people.


Tune into Bigg Boss tonight to attend the party at 9 pm!


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