BIGG BOSS DAY 82: Dimpy takes over the kursi smartly and becomes the new captain

BIGG BOSS DAY 82: Dimpy takes over the kursi smartly and becomes the new captain

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New Delhi: Day 82 of the Bigg Boss house starts with the need to accomplish the kursi leading to captaincy. Ali since had got the shuruati fayda in the straw task, thus he only had initially grabbed on the chair for captaincy. He is not ready to move and stays up all night in the dream of becoming the captain of the house.


Other contestants tell him to get up from the chair and let Dimpy become the captain of the house as she has not even once got the chance of becoming the captain. Ali states that he is doing all this for himself.


Next morning, Dimpy tries out various techniques to make Ali give up the task and get up from the chair. She mixes red chilli powder in water and brings it close to Ali telling him that he should get up other wise she will pour the  ‘chilli water’ all over him. But, Ali to Ali hai!


He gets up and stands on the chair itself in order to get protected from the water.  Dimpy plays very smart and sits on the chair stating that ultimately, Ali has stood up and hence he has passed on the chair. Ali does not agree with this and sits with her on the chair. (Technically and otherwise, Ali is not wrong here!)


So now the chair is shared between Dimpy and Ali.


Bigg Boss announces that since two people are sharing the chair at a particular point of time, the housemates must decide on maximum voting as to who deserves to become the captain.


Majority of housemates chose Dimpy’s name for captaincy and hence Dimpy finally becomes the captain! (Do you really think it was fair?)


Dimpy is very happy becoming the captain and choses Gautam as the vice captain of the house. Trying to put everything in place as she takes up as captain, she talks to everyone about house duties and various other things.


Later in the day,  Bigg Boss calls Karishma Tanna to the confession room and asks her to rate all housemates including herself on a scale from one to hundred. She has to rate the contestants on the basis of their performance in the luxury budget task ‘Party To Banti Hai’.

Karishma gives Upen, Diandra, Pritam and herself the maximum points while other contestants are given drastically low points. Clearly, she is partial and rates her ‘group’ better than others.


After a while, Bigg Boss calls everyone in the living room and announces the ratings given by Karishma to the housemates. To everyone’s surprise, BB told everyone that the ratings/ points given by Karishma to others will add up as luxury points in the luxury budget. The total points that add up considering the marks are 680 and thus the housemates can just purchase luxury food.


Karishma, who has NEVER EVER accepted her faults, again is very confident about her decisions (Realising deep inside that she IS wrong) and choses to ignore others reactions.


Puneet Issar along with others discuss about Karishma and her super-partial behavior. Puneet calls Karishma a ‘bimbette’ and says that she is very mean too.


With these partial decisions, the old group P3G seems to get revived gradually.


While everyone in the house is feeling a bitterness for Karishma, we also wait to see how Dimpy performs as the captain of the house!

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