BIGG BOSS DAY 74: Housemates get a chance to meet their family members

BIGG BOSS DAY 74: Housemates get a chance to meet their family members

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New Delhi: Bigg Boss day 74 was a day to remember and rejoice. With the Christmas fervor pouring in, there was a good amount of happiness that poured in.


Bigg Boss introduced the remote control task where the housemates were required to ‘pause-rewind-play-fastforward’ on Bigg Boss’ command.

While everyone is present in the garden area, Bigg Boss pause everyone and Rishabh’s sister enters the house. Everyone is touched upon seeing their emotional bond and Rochelle, Prince and Kishwer start crying. Bigg Boss releases Rishabh and then he gets excited showing his sister around the house to bid her goodbye. As soon as his sister leaves the house, Suyyash and Prince rush towards him to hug him immediately.

Keith also becomes emotional and the housemates gear up to make him smile. Prince even gifts him his favourite T-Shirt to make him smile!

Bigg Boss then comes in a mischievous mood where he announces that storeroom has all the possessions of the housemates which were confiscated earlier, immediately everyone rushes to get their lost things. Just then BB tells them to rewind and all items are taken back from them. Unfair, no?

In the evening, Kishwer is surprised to see her mother in the confession room. As she rushes inside to meet her, Bigg Boss pauses everyone and makes them rewind and pause again.Kishwer then stands right in front of the TV screem. Bigg Boss then asks her to play and as soon as she hugs her mother, he tells her to rewind.
Kishwer crying is asked to leave the confession room and repeat the entire scene again!

When her mother is asked to leave the confession room, Kishwer breaks down as she misses her mother like crazy. Bigg Boss actually understands the same and allows Kishwer to meet her mother again! She joyfully introduces her mother to the housemates! After that, Rochelle’s sister Paloma coems into the house through storeroom. In this scene, Rochelle is paused by Bigg Boss and instead BB asks Keith to play! When it was time for Paloma to leave the house, Rochelle runs to main door and hugs her.

At dinner time, BB tells Rishabh to only play and other housemates can freeze and he makes everyone sit in hilarious positions.

Also, Rishabh makes Mandana hold a knife to her throat. The housemates enjoy the fun-filled day!

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