BIGG BOSS DAY 73: Suyyash is the new captain; Nora calls Gizele a 'background dancer'

BIGG BOSS DAY 73: Suyyash is the new captain; Nora calls Gizele a 'background dancer'

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New Delhi: Day 73 in Bigg Boss house was full of tears, fight and full drama. Gizelle had declared that Mandana she can never be friends with Mandana as the latter brought her class that was quite disrespectful. Kishwer told the housemates that she spotted Rishabh’s facewash amongst Mandana’s belongings and is pretty sure that she has stolen it. Kishwer realizes after confronting Rishabh that she was right and tells him the truth.


Later, Bigg Boss announces that the three pairs who have won the Baazi task are: Suyyash-Priya, Rochelle- Rishabh and Mandana-Kishwer will be getting an opportunity to compete for captaincy task this week. Here the twist is that the three contenders can mutually decide whom to select. Suyyash-Priya and Mandana-Kishwer decide that Suyyash and Mandana compete! Rishabh and Rochelle have a disagreement as they badly wanted to contest. This results in argument and calling names. Bigg Boss disqualifies them and so both of them last the chance.


The contenders were handed a captain ring and they were required to hold on to the ring for as long as they can. Here, the first one who will let go of the ring will lose the task and the other one will be decalred as captain! The role of sanchalak was played by Prince. Mandana gives up on the task and hence Suyyash was declared as captain.


Mandana told Priya that she wanted to kick Rishabh and Gizelle out of her life and Gizelle tells this to Suyyash. She also said that Mandana told Priya to not to be happy on creating a rift between Rishabh, Gizelle and her. Mandana and Gizelle fight over this!


Nora found a handwritten letter on her bed but she is unable to read it as it was in Hindi. Prince the savior came to Nora’s rescue and rescues the letter.


When Nora got to know that Rishabh is her secret Santa, she got upset as she felt that Rishabh did this unintentionally to make fun of her. She later brought up the subject in front of the housemates.


Rochelle tries to calm down the situation and it gets even worse when Prince gets into a fight with Gizelle. In the midst of this fight, Nora calls her a ‘background dancer’. Gizelle is obviously miffed with her remark.


Prince creates a misunderstanding between Priya and Rishabh by saying that Priya called Rishabh Mandana’s sidekick. Priya sweared on her husband and says that she didn’t say anything like that and that Rishabh was lying!

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