BIGG BOSS DAY 68: Nora and Prince go on a romantic date, share a kiss!

BIGG BOSS DAY 68: Nora and Prince go on a romantic date, share a kiss!

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New Delhi: Bigg Boss Day 68 was a contrast filled day with many interesting things. The day starts with the song Chhaiya Chhaiya and Mandana picks up an argument with Giselle regarding having a conversation with others in the house.


In the bedroom, Rochelle, Kishwer and Priya discuss that Mandana is arguing with Giselle as she know that Giselle may get evicted this week and hence she is of no use to her. In the meantime, Mandana enters the bedroom while the gossip goes on. Mandana overhears the conversation but doesn’t speak anything instead stays mum and walks out of the room and to tell the whole conversation to Rishabh.


Later, Bigg Boss calls the housemates in the living area to show a video of the belongings that were confiscated by the house captains in last few weeks.


Bigg Boss gives Prince the power to choose three persons who he would want to have their things back. Prince chooses Priya, Rishabh and Kishwer.


All three of them enter the Double Trouble room at BB’s call and are served with four options based on which the final decision will be made.


Priya and Kishwer end up pressing the button and are asked to leave the room.


Thus, according to the rules set by Bigg Boss, only Rishabh gets his protein shake back, while the ladies lose the chance to have their things back.



Later, Bigg Boss announces that a lucky woman from the house will go on a date with him. The ladies of the house impress Prince.


All the ladies of the house Rochelle, Mandana, Priya and Kishwer and Giselle try their hand in convincing Prince. Finally, Nora wins the task thereby managing to impress Prince and hence both of them go on a date. Both of them enjoy a poolside romantic date and a great meal. The pair also share a kiss.


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