BIGG BOSS DAY 53: Some hotness with sexy lap dance; Prince, Kishwer get into ugly spat  

BIGG BOSS DAY 53: Some hotness with sexy lap dance; Prince, Kishwer get into ugly spat  

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New Delhi: Day 53 of the Bigg Boss house went in some fights, some controlling of emotions and a lot of talks. The war to destroy the opponent’s belongings continued with Mandana and Kanwaljeet being the targets during the task. It was when Mandana’s prized possessions are taken away and destroyed, she says that she is emotionally attached to those items.


Mandana gathers her team members i.e Keith, Rochelle and Prince in the bedroom and tells them that she doesn’t want to wish to give up on the task as her favourite belongings were taken away and destroyed.


Rochelle and Keith oppose her opinion and ask her if she will not feel guilty about destroying anyone else’s belongings. They also request Kawaljeet to give up when Priya overhears this and forbids them from convincing Kawaljeet to give up. After this, Kawaljeet’s team takes away Mandana’s Versace shoes and destroys them as well.

kishcrying  kishhhcryingcomp

It was seen later that Rochelle requested someone to stop this task because it had reached beyond everyone’s tolerance level. Mandana claimed that they will always have a problem with her because when she gives up during a task, they want her to continue and when she diligently does her task, she is asked to give up! Rochelle says that they are only fighting for her belongings and do not wish to see them destroyed.


Priya intervenes when she sees that the team is not ready to continue the task and also says that as supervisor of the task, she has come to a conclusion.

rishabh prince

She says that if a team wants to give up on a task, she will take that as the final verdict. Rochelle, Keith and Prince who are convinced that they wish to discontinue the task immediately raise the white flag, much to Mandana’s dismay.

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Then it was time for some real self-control that the housemates had to see. Prince and Rishabh are tested in the vaasna task where both of them are put in a room and a lady tries to seduce them. The contestants needed to resist the temptation thereby controlling their hormones. Their heartbeat was recorded and both the boys try hard to control themselves. The lady actually did a lap dance as well but the bad boys really tried to be good. But the highest heartbeat that was recorded was of Rishabh’s that is 150. Priya took a decision when Bigg Boss asked and Prince was declared as the winner of the task.

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