BIGG BOSS 8- DAY 46: Diandra chosen as the new captain; Sonali Raut kisses Upen Patel seductively

BIGG BOSS 8- DAY 46: Diandra chosen as the new captain; Sonali Raut kisses Upen Patel seductively

New Delhi: Bigg Boss Day 46 was an interesting, vibrant and spicy!


The day started with all housemates waking up and going out in the garden area to discover that Puneet is back in the house. While Gautam and Pritam were super excited to see him come back, others had a confused expression on their face on Puneet’s come-back. As far as Arya is concerned, we guess he was confused as to how to react and so just comes and hugs Puneet.


Bigg Boss announces that he brought back Puneet as he wanted to give him another chance. The condition would be that Puneet will remain on the other side of the cage and will be devoid of any facilities in the house. Also, the audience will decide on Saturday whether he will stay in the house or not watching his behavior and considering his fan following.


Inside the house Diandra, Sushant and Upen discuss that it was not the right decision that Puneet is brought back in the house after this kind of a behavior.


Puneet terms Ali as ‘double-dholki’ as he jumps from one group to another. Ali asks for justification that why did Puneet say so. Puneet in a warning tone said that should he narrate the incident when Ali bitched about Upen in front of others.


Ali apologises for the same and Puneet forgives him in the fraction of a second (like he always does!)


Arya Babbar comes and talks to Puneet about the incident that made Puneet ‘nishkasit’ from the house. Puneet tells Arya that it’s his right to take a stand for what he feels is right and against what he feels is wrong. BUT, Puneet later discusses with Gautam, Praneet and Pritam that earlier too many people have done ‘bal ka prayog’ but they were never shown the doors.


In the second half, Praneet tells Arya that he always stands up for what’s right and he stood up for him as well. But Arya shouts at him saying that he was never there with him in this incident, Praneet tells him that he is lying.


And here comes the first interesting part: Bigg Boss tells Upen to nominate two people for being the next captain of the house. He takes Diandra and Pritam’s name for the same. Everyone votes according to their choices giving the reasons and ultimately Diandra wins by one vote and takes over as the new captain of house.


The second interesting part comes when Lisa Haydon enters the house. She came for her upcoming film ‘Shaukeens’ promotion. Bigg Boss gives the housemates Rs. 600 for luxury budget shopping. Lisa starts to sell these items and ask people to impress her with something so that she can easily give away the items to the housemates.


Karishma buys four packets of bread for Rs.200.


Lisa tells Diandra to impress her by flirting with Upen. Diandra tries to do it but she eventually fails to do so. Then Lisa tells Sonali to impress Upen and in return she will get something from the luxury items.



Sonali immediately walks upto Upen and kisses him seductively. Upen and Sonali then dance together and Upen kisses back Sonali.  Sonali clearly impresses Lisa and gets a pack of coffee for free. Seeing this, Gautam and other housemates were a little stunned as to what just happened to Sonali.

Then Sonali tells Arya and Gautam to break the tiles and they will get something in return. Both of them do it within a fraction of seconds and win luxury items.


Later at night, Sonali and Upen sit together and talk. Upen calls Sonali a flirt and says that there is a ‘love triangle’ between Sonali, Gautam and him. Sonali responds back in a weird way.



Today, there will be a lot of hungama and with it two new wild card entries in the house. That means, double dhamaal!

Watch out!

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