Bigg Boss 11: Priyank's girlfriend and Ben's boyfriend react on their growing proximity

Bigg Boss 11: Priyank's girlfriend and Ben's boyfriend react on their growing proximity

Here is how girlfriend and boyfriend of Bigg Boss 11 contestants Priyank and Benafsha are reacting to the growing bond between the two.

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Benafsha and Priyank/ Image: Instagram

Friendships turning into love stories are not new inside Bigg Boss' house, but outside the house they do tend to raise many eyebrows. Bigg Boss 11 contestant Benafsha Soonawalla's boyfriend Varun Sood however denied that he is even a bit bothered by her growing closeness with Priyank Sharma.

However quite contrary to Varun's statement, Priyank's girlfriend Divya Agrawal reportedly said that Varun is being insecure with Priyank and Ben's friendship. In an interview given to an entertainment website she said that Varun has been calling her asking questions about Priyank and his behaviour. She said that she has been trying to pacify Varun on the same topic.

She however did not refuse that she was perturbed by Priyank's onscreen behaviour. She admitted that she had not expected that Priyank would not acknowledge her on Bigg Boss. She also expressed her shock at Priyank raising a toast to his ex-girlfriend Nikita Nagpal.

In a recent development she has expressed a lot on social media with this picture.


Kiki... I'm fortunate enough that u love me.. those days of Splitsvilla are like a fairy tales... today when I watch our episodes I realise how badly we cried... obviously not good for a Tv show... my parents cried too.. not about going out of the show... it was about us... being together... those tears can't be fake.. I don't know about today... but that day.. I saw love in your eyes .. mat jaa yaar.. we both are meant to be together.. I miss u Priyank.. it's wrong to express like this.. but I couldn't help myself... jaise bhi ho... mere ho... I love you... win in life.. no matter what show... I stick by your side... until u ask me to go... it's no more about the show... my parents today asked me.. did u really felt so deep... they saw us crying like this... I don't know what to say...

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Earlier in a post Divya had wished Priyank "all the best" for Bigg Boss 11.


Ben's boyfriend Varun however reacted sharply to being called insecure. He said that he has utmost faith in his love Benafsha.


He later explained that he had called Divya just to inquire if Priyank's attitude towards Ben is the same as that he has towards his other friends. He was reportedly told by Divya that Priyank's attitude towards Benafsha is no different than his attitude towards his other friends.

So Varun says he is totally cool with whatever is going on between Ben and Priyank. Let us see if this stays a friendship or turns something more than that.

Here are some moments of the budding love of Benafsha and Priyank inside the house.




let's wait and watch what is cooking between the two.

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