Bigg Boss 11: Priyank and Benafsha MAKE OUT?

Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla MAKE OUT?

Bigg Boss 11: Housemates get angry as Priyank and Benfsha share a bed on national television

By: || Updated: 17 Nov 2017 09:40 AM

Bigg Boss 11 Benafsha Soonawalla and Priyank Sharma/Image- Voot

New Delhi: Till now everyone was raising eyebrows at the Bandagi and Puneesh's intimate relationship in Bigg Boss house but now its Benfasha and Priyank who are pulling everyone's attention.

Priyank's best friend Vikas Gupta was seen getting mad at him for sharing his bed with Benafsha. Priyank and Benfsha shared a bed and made up according to othe housemates and it didn't go well with all housemates.

Hina, Luv and Vikas expressed their anger at them and advised not to do such things as they are on national television surrounded by cameras all over the house. And, these things can harm their image outside.

Both were seem uncomfortable while giving answers to other housemates. Benafsha claimed that Priyank is her best friend so did she sleep with him.


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