BIGG BOSS 11: OMG ! TV industry GANGS UP against HINA KHAN

Celebrity contestant Hina Khan has faced the worst sort of criticism on social media for her attitude in the show. Now, TV stars too are speaking up against her.

By: | Updated: 27 Nov 2017 09:16 PM
BIGG BOSS 11: OMG ! TV industry GANGS UP against HINA KHAN

The TV actors lash out against Bigg Boss 11 contestant Hina Khan. / Image: Twitter

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 11 celebrity contestant Hina Khan has managed to become the target of social media trolls lately. From giving controversial statements to body-shaming co-contestants, Hina Khan has left no stone unturned for turning her own fans against her.

Bigg Boss is one such popular show which is followed by crores of Indians including celebrities too. Hina's counterparts in the TV industry who follow the show are now speaking up against the celebrity contestant. Sometimes for her ''double standards'' and sometimes for being an ''instigator'', Hina has been at the receiving end of these lashings.

TV industry's big names like Karan Patel, Kamya Punjabi, Gauahar Khan and Kishwer Merchantt are sternly criticising Hina. Let us show you how these celebrities reacted to Hina Khan.

Kishwer Merchant:

It had been two days in the house and Hina Khan had called Kishwer Merchant gross. She referred to the incident where Kishwer had spat in Rishabh Sinha's water. Kishwer then took to Twitter and lashed out against Hina Khan and said that it is not that she hasn't heard stories about Hina Khan when she was doing Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai and when she was doing Khatron Ke Khilaadi. She went on to say that let house push a little and then she will watch Hina Khan. As for herself she came out with lot of love and that is what matters. She had apologised to Rishabh for her act and things are "super" between them. Her growth from bad to good is what is important. She ended with "all the best Hina , keeping a watch on you". After this Kishwer has taken on every hateful tweet by Hina fans with great courage.

Gauhar Khan:

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Gauhar Khan has also been critical about Hina and her statements.


Gauhar posted this to support Arshi when Hina Khan slut-shaming ARshi for tearing her clothes. 


Sayantani Manisha:

The actress of Naamkaran, generally steers clear of controversy but she could not take it when Shilpa Shinde was body-shamed in the show. She took to Twitter and lashed out against the wrong-doers. She was also infuriated when Hina shames co-contestant Arshi Khan.



Karan Patel:

Karan has always been vocal in criticising Hina Khan. He also got in a spat with Hina Khan's boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal recently, but Karan continues speaking his mind. check out his tweets.







Karan also shared these videos to prove his point.

Kamya Punjabi:

The ex Bigg Boss contestant too didn't keep quiet about Hina Khan. This is what she posted.


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