BIGG BOSS 11: 'Isne Task ke liye apni MAA takk ko nai chorha' says Hina Khan to Vikas Gupta

BIGG BOSS 11: "Isne Task ke liye apni MAA takk ko nai chorha" says Hina Khan to Vikas Gupta

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Vikas Gupta gets cruel in the task.

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Bigg Boss 11 contestant Hina Khan

New Delhi: Task in Colors TV show Bigg Boss 11 is still going on and mastermind of the game, Vikas Gupta is trying his best to win 9 Lakh rupees. After asking Shilpa Shinde to dress in orange saree, ordering Hina Khan to be quite for some time, he is back with his old antics.

In a new promo, Vikas Gupta is being very mean with Hina Khan. He tells her to sacrifice the coffee that she has kept gift for her family. Hina tells Vikas not to do this with her Vikas seems to be very adamant.

Hina gets furious and says that Vikas is a heartless person.

Later on Vikas tells Hina to destroy her bracelet and Hina says, “Aap khel rahe hain Vikas k hum gande dikhein.”

Then comes a point where Vikas has shocked us! He says, “Yeh mere Mom ki photo hai, Paanv rakh ke faad do isse.”

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Well, do you think Vikas will win the Prize money?

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