BIGG BOSS 11: These celebrity contestants get NOMINATED this week

By introducing the friendship test during nomination, the makers of the show have raised the emotional quotient of the show by a great degree. Read below to find out who sacrifices what and to save whom, and who ends up getting nominated.

By: | Updated: 14 Nov 2017 06:32 PM
Bigg Boss 11: HINA KHAN, SAPNA CHOUDHARY Nominated

Bigg Boss 11 : This week's nominations./ Image: Instagram

New Delhi: The suspense around this week's nominations inside the house of Bigg Boss isn't getting over.

If the sources are to be believed, the contestants who are nominated this week , are Hina Khan , Sapna Choudhary and Benafsha Soonawalla.


Now this news may be balked at by the fans, because we knew that Hina was safe as Luv had got a ZERO tattoo on his forehead. But if reports are true, Luv hides his tattoo and Hina Khan gets nominated.

According to reports Akash saved Bandagi,  Shilpa saved Arshi and Arshi saved Vikas. It is also being said that Puneesh nominated sapna.

Now in order to save Bandagi, Akash had to go Bald like Priyank. To save puneesh, Bandagi had to give all his clothes to BB except 2 dresses and undergarments.



In a teaser released by Colors, Shilpa asks Vikas to destroy his favorite jacket with ‘Lostboys’ written over it to save her from the nominations which surprisingly Vikas does readily.

Talks also have that Hina saves Luv by giving up his favorite teddy Poo.  Benafsha also saves Priyank by nominating herself for the next two weeks. Benafsha thus ends up being nominated for three consecutive weeks as she was already nominated for this week. How true are these information, we shall find out tonight.

The previous day, Hiten saved Akash by shredding his family photo, Priyank saved Hiten by shaving his head, and Luv got ZERO inked on his forehead to save Hina, but later hides it, so Hina gets nominated.

The makers have undoubtedly sweetened the pot by chipping in this game of who-saves-whom during the nominations. The idea has successfully raised the emotional quotient of the show.
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