BIGG BOSS 11: Celebrity contestant HINA KHAN breaks into TEARS for this reason

BIGG BOSS 11: Celebrity contestant HINA KHAN breaks into TEARS for this reason

The sacrifice that Hina Khan was asked to make in order to save Luv Tyagi from nomination, made her cry her eyes out. Read below to find out what Hina had to sacrifice for Luv.

By: || Updated: 14 Nov 2017 09:38 PM

Hina Khan crying over her favourite toy Pooh.

New Delhi: This week's major twist in Bigg Boss 11 nomination process requires contestants to sacrifice something precious in order to save their friends from nominations. This however is not going easy on some of the contestants.

Hina Khan was asked to destroy her favourite toy "Pooh"  if she wanted to save Luv Tyagi from nomination. The sacrifice seemed less challenging as compared to sacrifices made by other contestants, but surprisingly Hina Khan broke into tears on knowing the task.

Hina seems to be very strongly attached to her favourite stuffed- toy and she can be seen crying miserably for it. She however did the task and chose to save Luv.

Check out the video shared on instagram here.


Sobbing consistently , Hina can be heard saying that Poo was a part of all her joys and sorrows.

In the same nomination process, Priyank Sharma and Akash Dadlani have shaved their heads, Benafsha nominated herself for two consecutive weeks, Vikas Gupta destroyed his favourite jacket and Hiten Tejwani shredded his family picture.

However , the social media users do not seem to sympathise with Hina's tears. She is being trolled on the social media for being a "drama-queen" .
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