Amitabh Bachchan turns emotional while talking about KBC contestant

Amitabh Bachchan turns emotional while talking about KBC contestant

Kolkata: While recounting an inspiring tale of how a girl whose father refused to spend on her education went on to win Rs 50 lakh on KBC gameshow, Amitabh Bachchan turned emotional.




After inaugurating the Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) at the Netaji Indoor Stadium here, Big B narrated the anecdote after which he turned so emotional that his voice became heavy and he paused for a minute.


He said that a young girl came to his show KBC whose father refused to pay for her school fees saying it would be a wastage of money. The girl left her home to live with her grandmother where her condition worsened.


But on the gameshow, she went on to win Rs 50 lakh. "When I asked her what will you do with the money she said I will take this cheque and to show it to my father and will tell him that a daughter is also an asset to the family," Bachchan said.


After saying this, the megastar became emotional. During his speech he highlighted the position of women in Indian society before arriving at the portrayal of women in Indian cinema.


He emphasised how the representation of women in Indian cinema had changed over the years from the submissive and oppressed wife and daughter to women who are beyond stereotypes.


"Thank god women refused to be taken for granted now. They stand tall in society as individuals," said the actor adding that the issue of the girl child is close to his heart. Now shooting 'Piku' in the city, Bachchan said his mind  was filled with memories of 1960s when he used to live and work in Kolkata.

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