How Khali's wife reacted after seeing him kissing passionately in 'Khali kiss cam'

How Khali's wife reacted after seeing him kissing passionately in 'Khali kiss cam'

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New Delhi: The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has always been full of luxury and popularity and everyone in India appears to be its fan. Dalip Singh Rana or The Great Khali was the first Indian to sign a contractjoined with WWE and soon to became a superstar.

In a TV segment known as the “kiss cam”, Khali had to kiss women wrestlers or women ostensibly chosen at random from the crowd.

In an interview to Times of India, The Great Khali revealed how his wife feels after seeing him kissing in 'Khali Kiss Cam' where he became a passionate kisser.

He was first asked, How did a man known for his passion for fight turn into a passionate kisser?
To which Khali said, " The Indian audience might have thought it was inappropriate, but it was something I did as a committed professional. Also, main jo kaam karta hoon properly karta hoon. I was given the concept of Kiss Cam, aur jab koi kaam karna hi hai, toh sharma ke ya ghabra ke kyun? Maine mazdoori ki, daba ke ki, police ki naukri ki, daba ke ki, fighting bhi daba ke ki. The same goes for my lip-locking stint, which I did enjoying myself.

He was later asked about What his wife, Harminder Kaur, have to say about it?
Kahli said, "She wanted me to leave wresteling and return home".

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