RCB vs KXIP Live Score IPL 2016: Virat's 4th ton leads RCB to big win over KXIP

RCB vs KXIP Live Score IPL 2016: Virat's 4th ton leads RCB to big win over KXIP

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Welcome to the 50th match of the IPL 2016. It's a very important match for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). If they slip, they are out of the Playoffs race. Also, it is their last league game of the season at home. Kings XI Punjab have nothing to lose. They are already out of the Playoffs. Playing for pride is the only consolation.

LIVE SCORE | RCB vs KXIP | IPL 2016 | Chinnaswamy Stadium



Kings XI Punjab innings


RCB have been declared winners by 82 runs (via Duckworth-Lewis method).


With the over, the Rain has returned. But it should be over. There is no time left for the match.


14 overs: 11 runs from Gayle's over.  Kings XI Punjab 120/9 (92 runs required from 6 balls).


13 overs: Just 4 runs off Sachin Baby's over. Kings XI Punjab 109/9 (103 runs required from 12 balls).


12.2 overs: OUT! Mohit is run out while running the first run. Watson sends the throw from cover. Mohit Sharma run out 14 (12b 2x4 0x6).


12 overs: 9 runs off Gayle's over. Only formalities are left in the over. Kings XI Punjab 105/8 (107 runs required from 18 balls).


11 overs: 6 runs off Chahal's over and a wicket. Kings XI Punjab 96/8 (116 runs required from 24 balls).


10.5 overs: OUT! Gurkeerat became third victim of Chahal. Looked to play it over cover but the ball turned and bounce to take top edge. Gayle took easy catch in slip. Gurkeerat Singh c Gayle b Chahal 18 (18b 2x4 0x6).


10 overs: Gayle bowled it in quicktime. 6 balls, 6 singles. Kings XI Punjab 90/7 (122 runs required from 30 balls).


9 overs: Another excellent over for RCB. Chahal got two wickets and gave just 6 runs. Kings XI Punjab 84/7 (128 runs required from 36 balls).


8.5 overs: OUT! Abbott suffers the same fate. Same bowler, same shot, same fielder. Kyle Abbott c de Villiers b Chahal 0 (1b 0x4 0x6).


8.2 overs: OUT! Behardien perished in attempting to clear the long-on boundary. Second wicket for Chahal. Farhaan Behardien c de Villiers b Chahal 0 (1b 0x4 0x6).


8 overs: Excellent over by Watson. Just 2 runs and a wicket. Kings XI Punjab 78/5 (134 runs required from 42 balls).


7.3 overs: OUT! Axar Patel mistimed in his attempt to loft the ball over long-off. Virat Kohli takes an easy catch but it hurt the stitches on his hand. He was in pain. Axar Patel c Kohli b Watson 13 (9b 1x4 1x6).


7 overs: A very expensive over by Varun Aaron to start his spell. 17 runs came off it with a SIX by Axar Patel and a FOUR each by Axar and Gurkeerat. Kings XI Punjab 76/4 (136 runs required from 48 balls).


6 overs: Excellent over by Watson. Just 5 runs and provided a wicket.  Kings XI Punjab 59/4 (153 runs required from 54 balls).


5.1 overs: OUT! David Millers' indifferent form continues. Hit straight to the long-on fielder. Watson gets wicket on first ball. David Miller c de Villiers b Watson 3 (6b 0x4 0x6).


5 overs: Successful over by Aravind. He gave 10 runs with Amla hitting a SIX but hit back to remove the South African. Kings XI Punjab 54/3 (158 runs required from 60 balls).


4.4 overs: OUT! Hashim Amla also perished in an attempt to score at a fast rate. Jordan takes a good diving catch at mid-off. Aravind gets his second wicket. Hashim Amla c Jordan b Aravind 9 (6b 0x4 1x6).


4 overs: Saha hit Chahal for three consecutive boundaries before he got out on the fourth. 13 runs off the over. Kings XI Punjab 44/2 (168 runs required from 11 overs).


3.4 overs: OUT! The ball stopped a big and stayed a tad low to hit Saha in front of the stumps. Chahal gets a wicket. Wriddhiman Saha lbw b Chahal 24 (10b 5x4 0x6).


3 overs: Couple of nice hits for FOUR by Saha in the over by Jordan. 12 runs off it. Kings XI Punjab 31/1 (181 runs required from 12 overs).


2 overs: Successful over by Aravind. 8 runs off it and he dismissed Vijay. Kings XI Punjab 19/1 (193 runs required from 13 overs).


1.4 overs: OUT! Murali Vijay chopped the ball onto his pads that deflected to his stumps. Sreenath Aravind ecstatic. Murali Vijay b Aravind 16 (8b 2x4 1x6).


1 over: Murali Vijay smashed two FOURs off the first balls to start the innings on a right note. 11 runs off Binny's over. Kings XI Punjab 11/0 (202 runs required from 14 overs).


Mayhem it was. RCB have set a huge total. It will be a miracle if KXIP manage to chase it down. Stuart Binny has the ball. Murali Vijay to face the first ball.


Royal Challengers Bangalore innings


15 overs: Rahul hit two FOURS off Mohit to collect 12 runs off the last over. Royal Challengers Bangalore score 211/3.


14 overs: 18 runs off the over but Sandeep Sharma would always cherish the wicket of Virat Kohli. RCB 199/3.


13.6 overs: OUT! Finally Virat Kohli's excellent innings is over. Special knock by special player. Virat Kohli c Miller b Sandeep Sharma 113 (50b 12x4 8x6).


13.3 overs: Amazing feat! VIRAT KOHLI hits 4th century of IPL 2016. He took just 47 balls. No other player has more than two centuries in an IPL season.


13 overs: Virat is on the verge of hitting FOURTH IPL CENTURY OF THE SEASON. 15 runs off Mohit's over, including three consecutive FOURS by Virat. RCB 181/2. Kohli 95 (44b 10x4 7x6), Rahul 5 (2b 1x4 0x6), Mohit Sharma 2-0-21-0, Abbott 3-0-48-1.


12 overs: Despite wickets, there is no effect on run rate. 19 runs off Abbott's over. RCB 166/2. Rahul 4 (1b 1x4 0x6), Kohli 81 (39b 7x4 7x6), Abbott 3-0-48-1, Axar Patel 3-0-46-1.


11.4 overs: OUT! AB de Villiers couldn't open his account. Looked to go over cover but got the inside edge onto his stumps. AB de Villiers b Abbott 0 (2b 0x4 0x6).


11 overs: Gayle hit three SIXES off Axar Patel before getting out while trying to hit the fourth one. RCB 147/1.


10.6 overs: OUT! Finally something to cheer for KXIP. Axar Patel gets Gayle's wicket. Chris Gayle c Miller b Patel 73 (32b 4x4 8x6).


10 overs: Virat is dealing only in boundaries at the moment. Hit three SIXES in the over. 18 runs off Cariappa. RCB 129/0.


9 overs: 18 runs off Axar Patel's over. Gayle hit him for two consecutive SIXES off the last two balls. RCB 111/0.


8.6 overs: First FIFTY for Chris Gayle in the tournament. He took just 26 balls.


8.2 overs: Yet another FIFTY for Virat Kohli. This one has come in 28 balls.


8 overs: Virat has overtaken the aggressor's mantel from Gayle. 11 runs off Abbott's over. A FOUR each to Virat and Gayle. RCB 93/0.


7 overs: Excellent hitting by Virat. 19 runs off Cariappa's over. Two SIXES in the over, both by Virat. RCB 82/0. Kohli 43 (22b 5x4 3x6), Gayle 37 (21b 3x4 3x6), Cariappa 2-0-37-0, Patel 1-0-10-0.


6 overs:  Two brilliant shots by Virat brought RCB two consecutive FOURS off Axar Patel. 10 runs off the over. RCB 63/0.


5 overs: Another 18-run over for RCB. Not so friendly welcome for Cariappa. Gayle and Virat hit a SIX each along with a FOUR by Gayle. RCB have clearly dominated the Powerplay. RCB 53/0. Gayle 35 (19b 3x4 3x6), Kohli 17 (11b 2x4 1x6), Cariappa 1-0-18-0, Abbott 1-0-18-0.


4 overs: Big over. Gayle smashed two consecutive SIXES and a FOUR off Kyle Abbott. 18 runs off it. Virat survived a run out chance in the over. RCB 35/0. Kohli 10 (9b 2x4 0x6), Gayle 24 (15b 2x4 2x6), Abbott 1-0-18-0, Sandeep 2-0-11-0.


3 overs: Again 6 runs off the over. This time Virat managed a FOUR in the over. Good over by Sandeep. RCB 17/0. Kohli 10 (7b 2x4 0x6), Gayle 7 (11b 1x4 0x6), Sandeep 2-0-11-0, Mohit Sharma 1-0-6-0.


2 overs: Good over by Mohit there. Just 6 runs came off it despite Gayle hitting him for a FOUR. RCB 11/0.


1 over: Virat Kohli played just one ball in the over and he hit it for FOUR. What's gonna happen today?  RCB 5/0.


Players are in the middle. Chris Gayle on strike. Sandeep Sharma has the ball.



RCB: CH Gayle, V Kohli, AB de Villiers, SR Watson, KL Rahul, Sachin Baby, STR Binny, CJ Jordan, S Aravind, VR Aaron, YS Chahal.

Kings XI Punjab: M Vijay, HM Amla, WP Saha, DA Miller, F Behardien, Gurkeerat Singh, KJ Abbott, AR Patel, MM Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, KC Cariappa.


It's a 15-over game. 5 overs of Powerplay, 3 overs each bowler.


TOSS: Kings XI Punjab win toss, opt to bowl first.


9:25 PM: Virat Kohli and Muralia Vijay are seen in full kit. A sign that the start time is not too far. Only the pitches have covers now.


9:00 PM: Groundstaff are working on the main square as well as on the other parts of the ground. We will have an inspection at 9:25 pm.


9:00 PM: The rain has stopped completely.


8:55 PM: We will start losing overs after 9:20 pm.


8:50 PM: Rains is abating. Officials are inspecting the ground. Covers were lifted at some places. Bowler's run up is visible. There are loads of activity among the groundstaff. Areas that were under the covers look okay but the outfield has visible puddles.


"Let the rain stop, give me 45 minutes and we'll have at least 15 overs in," KSCA's chief curator.


7:55 PM: Steady drizzle still continues. Super soppers are at work. There is no way ground staff can do anything about it unless the rain stops completely.


Virat Kohli and Co. have reached the stadium.



7:35 PM: The rain has abated a touch. We still have a possibility of a short game. Fingers crossed XXXXXX.



6:50 PM: The rain has grown into a massive downpour. Chances of the match looks bleak. It will be a huge setback for Virat Kohli and Co.

Scene at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium. (BCCI) Scene at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium. (BCCI)


6:30 PM: It's pouring in Bangalore. The groundstaff has covered the field.


Head to Head

  • Kings XI Punjab have a 10-7 win-loss record in IPL matches against Royal Challengers Bangalore. In matches played at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium too, KXIP have a 4-3 record against their hosts RCB. However, in the last three meetings, RCB have managed to defend its territory. KXIP won their home matches in 2015 and earlier this season, while RCB won their home match by a whopping 138 runs in 2015.



Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) will look to build on their two emphatic consecutive victories as they continue their push for an Indian Premier League (IPL) play-off berth in a match against laggards Kings XI Punjab.

Placed at the fifth spot with six wins from 12 matches, the Bangalore franchise has gained momentum at the right time with two massive victories in their previous two outings against Gujarat Lions (by 144 runs) and Kolkata Knight Riders (by nine wickets).

On the other hand, languishing at the penultimate spot, Punjab received another massive jolt on Tuesday when in-form Australian batsman Glenn Maxwell was ruled out with a side strain.

Going into Wednesday's encounter at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium here, RCB will be aiming to go all guns blazing to seal their berth in the play-offs. The team will once again bank on another solid batting effort from the marauding trio of Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers.

Kohli, who sustained a split webbing in his left hand while going for a diving catch against KKR, is the top run-getter with three centuries so far in the tournament coupled with as many half centuries.

South African star de Villers has been equally impressive and has been the backbone of RCB's batting while Gayle found his touch with a 31-ball 49 back in the previous game.

Lokesh Rahul, who opened the batting in Gayle's absence has also been among the runs while veteran Aussie Shane Watson and Sachin Baby have contributed in the limited opportunities they got.

Bangalore's weak link is their bowling, which has time and again fallen apart in crunch situation. Leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal and Watson have been the most impressive for the franchise with 12 and 14 wickets in the tournament so far.

All-rounder Stuart Binny has been far from impressive with the new ball while England's Chris Jordan has bowled decently in bits and pieces.

On the flip side, a depleted Punjab will be aiming to finish another IPL edition on a high. Left with nothing to lose and just four wins from 12, the side could turn out to be party spoilers for RCB.

The team's batting will depend on skipper Murali Vijay and Protea Hashim Amla, who hit a brilliant 96 in the previous match against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

With Maxwell out of the tournament, David Miller, stumper Wriddhiman Saha, all-rounder Marcus Stoinis are expected to bolster the middle order.

The bowing will centre around seamers Sandeep Sharma (13 wickets) and Mohit Sharma (12 wickets). Left-arm spinner Axar Patel with 11 wickets, including a hat-trick, has not been bad either but somehow failed to click as a team.

Leg-spinner K.C. Cariappa has also been impressive and the team will wish him to come successful against the right-handed duo of Kohli and de Villiers.

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