LIVE SCORE India V England 3rd T20I: Chahal runs through England, India win the match by 75 runs

LIVE SCORE India V England 3rd T20I: Chahal runs through England, India win the match by 75 runs

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Yuzvendra Chahal was the hero of the match as started the collapse and ended with the figures of 4-0-25-6! He would be relieved that he put on such a performance with the ball as he missed out a simple chance of running out Roy earlier in the match. Amit Mishra supported him well as kept it really tight, conceding just 23 runs in his 4 overs. Nehra and Pandya had a decent outing with the ball whereas Bumrah picked up 3 wickets at the back end of the innings.

The pressure got the better off the visiting side as Morgan and Root departed in back-to-back deliveries. It was a horrendous performance from thereon as they lost 8 wickets for 8 runs in the space of 18 deliveries. Buttler who got promoted above Stokes once again failed while Stokes and Ali too couldn't do anything as they had a daunting task ahead of them.

Jason Roy and Joe Root then steadied the ship. The stitched a 47-run partnership in just 29 deliveries for the second wicket. Roy then fell to Mishra. Once again, Morgan came out in the middle and kept England in the run chase. He and Root together put up 64 runs in 43 balls. However, then started the collapse as a tight over from Mishra led England needing 86 off 42 deliveries.

The Men in Blue have done it again, win the series 2-1! They beat England in the Tests, in the ODIs and now in the T20Is. In the series decider, India set a huge target in front of the visitors. It was a great collective batting performance from the hosts. They started with the ball in a great fashion too as they sent packing Billings on a golden duck.

OUT! and that's the end of the match. 8 wickets for 8 runs and India win the series by 2-1

Out! Now Bumrah joins the party. England lose their eighth

OUT! Outstanding leg spin bowling from Chahal, he picks up his sixth wicket. Jordon the man dismissed. England are in a disarray

It's a five-wicket haul for Chahal, first Indian to achieve the feat in a T20 cricket

Yuzvendra Chahal to Ben Stokes, OUT! Terrific catch under pressure! A short ball on middle, Stokes rocks back to pull, aiming to clear mid-wicket but he does not have the elevation.

OUT! It's raining wickets here and it's that man Chahal again

Yuzvendra Chahal to Moeen Ali, OUT! Wicket number 4 for Chahal! He is on a roll and spinning India to victory. Floated on middle and off, Moeen comes down the track and looks to go over the top but miscues it. The ball goes high in the air and Virat Kohli comes charging in from long on. Shoos everyone away, clearly indicating that it is his catch. Takes it cleanly.

OUT! Chahal pciks up Moeen Ali

Jasprit Bumrah to Jos Buttler, OUT! Caught! England losing their way quickly now. A short ball outside off, Buttler gets across to pull but gets a top edge due to the extra bounce. The ball goes straight up in the air and Virat Kohli takes a simple catch running to his right from mid off. The promotion of Buttler does not work for England and they now need 84 from 34 balls.

OUT! Bumrah removes Buttler for a DUCK. India are all over England now.

Yuzvendra Chahal to Joe Root, OUT! LBW! Two in two for Chahal! M.Chinnaswamy roars. This is the slider from Chahal, landing it outside off, Root gets across to play for the turn but is beaten by pace and lack of room. Is hit right in front and the umpire raises his finger on the appeal! That dropped catch does not count then.

OUT! It's two in two for Chahal and India are on a roll. Root caught plumb in front. England 119/4

Yuzvendra Chahal to Eoin Morgan, OUT! Taken this time! Chahal provides the breakthrough. Full and outside off, the googly, Morgan looks to play the slog sweep but since it is a wrong 'un, he has to reach out to play the shot. He ends up getting a top edge which is calmly taken by Rishabh Pant near deep mid-wicket. Chahal is pumped up. The 64-run stand has been broken in 43 balls.

OUT! Chahal does the job again, picks up the all important wicket of Morgan for 42. England 119/3

England: 114/2. Joe Root 40 (29), Eoin Morgan  (18)

Overs: 12

22 off the Raina over. That could prove to be costly

Three sixes from one over! Morgan fancies some Raina here

Amit Mishra to Jason Roy, OUT! MISHRA HAS HIS MAN! Tossed up wide outside off, Roy kneels down and goes after the wide delivery with a slog sweep. Gets a top edge instead and the ball balloons high in the air. Dhoni gets under it near the short leg region and collects it easily. The dangerman, Roy departs! End of a 47-run partnership!

Amit Mishra to Jason Roy, OUT c MS Dhoni b Amit Mishra. England have lost their second wicket.

England: 44/1. Jason Roy 27 (19), Joe Root 15 (10)

Overs: 5

England: 12/1. Jason Roy 9 (9), Joe Root 1 (2)

Overs: 2

Yuzvendra Chahal to Sam Billings, OUT! BILLING BAGS A GOLDEN DUCK!


England begin their chase

England were very inconsistent tonight. Whether it was the short boundaries, or the dew, one can't say but surely they would not have planned to concede 118 in the last 9 overs. Of those, only two overs went below 10, with the lower value being 8. Tymal Mills and Ben Stokes were impressive, finishing with 1/32 each in their 4 overs while we saw the other side of Chris Jordan tonight, going for 56 in his 4 overs. Strangely, Plunkett bowled just 2 overs with Morgan preferring to bowl 6 overs out of Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid, yielding a total of 53 runs without any wicket.

It was not the best of starts for the hosts as they lost skipper Kohli pretty early and then Rahul after a few good hits. But then, Raina started to explode, followed by Dhoni, combined with combustion from Yuvraj who propelled the score beyond 200.

So India finish on a commanding total. This is the first time a team has crossed the 200-run mark in T20Is at this venue. Did not look like they will do so at the halfway mark but scintillating knocks from Raina and Dhoni made it possible.

India post 202/6 (Raina 63, Dhoni 56) at the end of 20 overs

OUT! Breathtaking match. Yuvraj goes after scoring a superb 27 off just 10 balls

Vintage Yuvraj! three sixes off 5 balls and India march on towards 200

Chris Jordan to Yuvraj Singh, SIX! Fuller one on the stumps, YS gets his front leg out and jabs it straight down the ground. It's so powerfully hit that it clears the ropes easily.

Chris Jordan to Yuvraj Singh, SIX! Back-to-back biggies! Fuller on the stumps, Yuvraj once again clears his front leg, this time hits it flatter but the result is the same. That's Yuvraj of the past!

Chris Jordan to Yuvraj Singh, SIX! Full on middle and leg, Yuvi clears his front leg and clobbers it over long on for a maximum. Finally he gets a boundary to his name!

That's fifty for Dhoni, his first in T20I, would you believe it?

India: 132/3. MS Dhoni 36 (28), Yuvraj Singh 2 (2)

Overs: 15

Liam Plunkett to Suresh Raina, OUT! RAINA DEPARTS! On a length and outside off, Raina who is on the charge looks to go big once again. Mistimes his loft high in the air. Morgan at extra cover gets a couple of steps back and grabs it with a reverse cup. Good breakthrough for a England! That's end of a 55-run partnership!

OUT! Raina slices one off Plunkett after a well made 63. India lose their 3rd wicket for 120.

Suresh Raina gets to his half century with a towering six. India 98/2

India: 84/2. Suresh Raina 47 (36), MS Dhoni 5 (8)

Overs: 11

Surprise Surprise! MS Dhoni walks out ahead of Yuvraj Singh at No. 4

Ben Stokes to Lokesh Rahul, OUT! BOWLED! Stokes breaks the stand! Shows the values of bowling straight. Rahul was in that mood of attacking every ball and missed this one. He was playing beautifully up until now but for this ball, he just swung wildly. Stokes bowled an off cutter, pitching it on a good length outside off. Rahul was already through his shot even before the ball reached him. It went past the bat and hit the middle stump. The 61-run stand is broken in 37 balls.

OUT! BOWLED, K L Rahul throws his wicket away after scoring 22. India 65/2

India: 64/1. K L Rahul 22 (17), Suresh Raina 32 (21)

Overs: 6

That's a monster! out of the stadium. A 98 meter six from K L Rahul. Early signs that  India won't allow Moeen Ali to Settle.

India: 53/1. K L Rahul 13 (14), Suresh Raina 30 (18)

Overs: 5

Big over for India, 14 runs from it.

India: 39/1. K L Rahul 13 (13), Suresh Raina 17 (13)

Overs: 5

India: 29/1. K L Rahul 12 (12), Suresh Raina 10 (8)

Overs: 4

Liam Plunkett to Lokesh Rahul, FOUR! Up and over! Back-to-back boundaries for Rahul! A length ball outside off, Rahul backs away slightly, not as much as Raina does and gets it cleanly over mid off for two boundaries in succession!

Liam Plunkett to Lokesh Rahul, FOUR! Effortlessly done! Full and on middle and off, Rahul flicks it without any fuss over square leg. There is a man in place in the deep but he is at mid-wicket and the ball meets the fence! Even Plunkett is amazed at that shot.

India: 17/1. K L Rahul 2 (8), Suresh Raina 9 (6)

Overs: 3

Chris Jordan to Virat Kohli, OUT! Kohli is run out! Terrible mis-communication between the batsmen. On a good length outside off, Kohli misses his tuck and is hit on the pads. Jordan appeals for LBW but the umpire moves away. Meanwhile, Kohli sets off for the single and Rahul responds too. But Jordan is alert to the situation and sets right across the pitch. Now, Rahul stops and Kohli stops too. There is no call of a yes or no and eventually, Kohli realizes he has to go back but is too late. Jordan is onto the ball and flicks it onto the stumps and the LED bails glow. Kohli stands over there in exasperation. He looks at Rahul and asks him to call. Rahul also retaliates, not sure as to what he said. But there should have been something said. Either a YES or a NO.

ENG XI: J Roy, S Billings, J Root, E Morgan, B Stokes, J Buttler, M Ali, C Jordan, L Plunkett, A Rashid, T Mills

IND XI: L Rahul, R Pant, V Kohli, MS Dhoni, Y Singh,H Pandya, S Raina, A Mishra, Y Chahal, A Nehra, J Bumrah

BIG NEWS from India camp. Dashing opening batsman Rishabh Pant makes his debut for India, Manish Pandey sits out.

One change in the England side also, Plunkett comes in place of Dawson.

England win the toss for third successive time and they are happy to put India in yet again.

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