LIVE Cricket Score, Ind vs Pak: Pakistan thrash India by 180 runs to win Champions Trophy

LIVE Cricket Score, Ind vs Pak: Pakistan thrash India by 180 runs to win Champions Trophy

By: || Updated: 18 Jun 2017 09:32 PM

Cricket Score, Ind vs Pak: Pakistan bowler Mohammad Amir celebrates the dismissal of India's Shikhar Dhawan (25) (AP)



Pakistan have scripted history and they have won the ICC Champions Trophy for the first time ever. They were exceptional from the start of the day. The only thing which went against them was the toss. After losing the toss, they were put into bat first. The Pakistani batters stood up courtesy to the fantastic knocks by Fakhar Zaman, Azhar Ali and Mohammad Hafeez.


WICKET! Hasan Ali to Jasprit Bumrah, OUT! PAKISTAN WIN BY 180 RUNS! Banged in short, angling in, Bumrah puts bat on the ball and the ball lobs in the slip cordon. Sarfraz hops to take the catch and completes the proceedings. Pakistan are the new champions! This is India's biggest defeat against Pakistan in the ODIs.

WICKET!  Hasan Ali to Ravichandran Ashwin, Another one bites the dust! Hasan Ali is finishing off the tail. Good length delivery outside off and Ashwin flashes at it. Gets an outside edge to it and the ball flies straight to the keeper. Sarfraz Ahmed makes no mistake and Ashwin walks back. Hasan Ali celebrates in emphatic fashion as he senses glory.

WICKET! Hasan Ali to Ravindra Jadeja, OUT! What has happened there? Length delivery outside off, Jadeja punches it towards the cover region. Hardik Pandya feels that there is a run there and he starts running. Hafeez collects it quickly and throws it back to Hasan Ali who dislodges the bails. Jadeja did not even try running as he was in his crease. Hardik Pandya has to depart after such a fantastic knock. He was furious.

SIX! Fakhar Zaman to Hardik Pandya, Such a delight to watch! Fuller around leg, Pandya kneels down and slog sweeps that over the mid-wicket region for half a dozen. That was a 107 metre long.

SIX! Fakhar Zaman to Hardik Pandya, What a shot Pandya! Hardik gets to the pitch of the ball and throws the kitchen sinks at it. Gets it over the mid-wicket region for a biggie.

INDIA: 137/6 (Pandya 63, Jadeja 11)

Overs: 25

FOUR! Shadab Khan to Hardik Pandya, Tossed up outside off, Pandya executes the inside out shot to perfection. Lofts it over the extra cover region for a boundary.

2nd ODI fifty for Hardik Pandya! Are you witnessing something special here?

SIX! Shadab Khan to Hardik Pandya, Three in a row! Pandya is making it count! Fuller in the line of the stumps, Hardik just hits that straight down the ground for a maximum. With that, he brings up his fifty. Such a fantastic knock from this young lad, how long can he continue?

SIX! Shadab Khan to Hardik Pandya, Wrong' un tossed outside off, Pandya reads it well and sends that deep into the long on stands for half a dozen.

SIX! Shadab Khan to Hardik Pandya, Pandya, you beauty! Fuller into the pads, Pandya waits for it and slogs it powerfully over the mid-wicket region for a biggie.

INDIA: 102/6 (Pandya 34, Jadeja 5)

Overs: 21

FOUR! Shadab Khan to Hardik Pandya, Good shot! Short outside off, Hardik Pandya punches it through the cover region for a boundary. 100 up for India.

SIX! Shadab Khan to Hardik Pandya, Thump! Shadab tosses it up, Pandya clears his front leg and clobbers it over long on for a maximum. Hardik is looking really solid out there. However, he has to play big to win the game for his team.

FOUR! Hasan Ali to Hardik Pandya, Innovative! Hasan bangs it short again. Pandya gets underneath it and ramps it over the keeper's head. Gets it off the middle and the ball goes on the bounce across the fence.

WICKET! Shadab Khan to Kedar Jadhav, OUT In the air... Gone! Another one bites the dust. Leg spinner from Shadab on the shorter side. Jadhav clears his front leg, looks to pull it away on the leg side but the ball spins a long way. Catches the top edge and the ball skies in the short cover region. Sarfraz from behind the stumps, gets under it and gobbles it. Pakistan are surely pumped up and are letting it know through their celebrations.

FOUR! Shadab Khan to Hardik Pandya, Shortish leg spinner, Pandya cuts it hard past backward point for a boundary. A much-needed one for India.

FOUR! Hasan Ali to Kedar Jadhav, Wristy! On a length and angling away, Jadhav tucks it superbly past mid on. It's a huge gap there and the ball races to the fence.

INDIA: 62/5 (Jadhav 5, Pandya 3)

Overs: 15

FOUR! Shadab Khan to Kedar Jadhav, Khan drags his length back, Jadhav picks the length quickly, latches onto it in a flash and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary.

WICKET!  Hasan Ali to MS Dhoni, OUT Dhoni holes out! India have lost half their side in 20 overs. Short delivery by Hasan, angling in. Dhoni goes for the pull but the ball gets big on him. Gets a top edge and the ball travels over mid-wicket. Wasim in the deep, runs ahead and takes a superb catch, diving forward. The Indian fans in the stadium can't believe their eyes. The defending champions are falling like a pack of cards. Pakistan need just 5 wickets now.

WICKET!  Shadab Khan to Yuvraj Singh, OUT! Successful review! What a call this from Shadab Khan. He was confident all the way and made his skipper take the review. Leg spinner around off, Yuvraj leans ahead to defend with bat and pad close. There are two sounds as the ball rolls on the off side. The players appeal but it's turned down. The leggie says it's bat first and hence his skipper takes the review. The Hot Spot shows that it's bat first and the Hawk Eye shows that the impact is in line and going on to hit the stumps. Huge blow, this! Pakistan are on cloud nine!

India crawl their way to 50

INDIA: 47/3 (Yuvraj 18, Dhoni 1)

Overs: 10

FOUR! Mohammad Hafeez to Yuvraj Singh, Another top shot! Short outside off, Yuvraj Singh punches it through the cover region for a boundary. 14 runs off the over.

FOUR! Mohammad Hafeez to Yuvraj Singh, Good shot! Yuvraj Singh charges down the track and strokes it through the mid on region for a boundary.

FOUR! Mohammad Hafeez to Yuvraj Singh, Tossed up around middle and leg, Yuvraj flicks it through the mid-wicket region for a boundary.

WICKET!  Mohammad Amir to Shikhar Dhawan, OUT! India are in a state of worry! Bowls a cross seam delivery on a length outside off, the ball nips away after pitching. Dhawan tries to poke at it. Gets a thick outside edge and the ball flies towards the keeper. Ahmed accepts it gleefully and the top run-scorer of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 is on his way back. Pakistan are on top of the game now.

FOUR! Junaid Khan to Yuvraj Singh, Lucky runs! Short delivery into the batsman, Yuvraj Singh goes for the pull. Gets a top edge which flies over the keeper's head for a boundary.

INDIA: 16/2 (Dhawan 10, Yuvraj 1)

Overs: 5

FOUR! Mohammad Amir to Shikhar Dhawan, Precise! Fuller around off, Dhawan leans into the drive and plays it through the cover region. Wasim gives it a chase but he cannot stop it as the ball wins the race.

FOUR! Mohammad Amir to Shikhar Dhawan, Short delivery into the batsman, Dhawan pulls it over the backward square leg region for a boundary. That's a much needed boundary.

Brilliant from Junaid. Amir's over backed up by a maiden.

Yuvraj Singh walks into the middle with India in real trouble.

WICKET! Mohammad Amir to Virat Kohli, OUT Azhar Ali is a happy man! Good length delivery outside off, Kohli tries to flick it on the leg side. Gets a leading edge to it and the ball flies towards the fielder at point. Shadab Khan goes to his right and takes a really fine catch to send the dangerman back to the hut. The best chaser of the game has to walk back to the hut.


Mohammad Amir to Virat Kohli, Dropped! Amir does all the hard work but Azhar Ali does not support him. Length delivery outside off, Kohli prods forward in defence. Gets a thick outside edge and the ball flies towards Azhar Ali who cannot hold onto it. Could be a turning point in the context of the match.

INDIA: 2/1 (Dhawan 0, Kohli 2)

Overs: 1

WICKET! Mohammad Amir to Rohit Sharma, OUT Rohit Sharma departs on a duck! On a length around middle and leg, the ball nips back in. Sharma fails to clip it through and gets hit flush on the pads. The players appeal and the umpire responds by raising his dreaded finger. He has a talk with his partner but he is not that keen for a review.

Indian openers Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma walk out into the middle

India, on the other hand, had a day to forget with the ball. None of the bowler's except Bhuvneshwar Kumar were effective and he ended with respectable figures of 10-2-44-1. Ashwin and Jadeja went for plenty and they will now hope that the batsmen step out and do something special. The Men in Blue will have to pull out a surprise if they wish to chase it down as a really good start is the need of the hour for them. Can the defending champions defend their title or will we have new winners this time around. Join us in a while for the chase.

Babar Azam also stepped up and made a useful contribution but it was the promotion of Imad Wasim which made the difference. He along with, Mohammad Hafeez went ablaze in the end and helped them cross the 330-run mark. Hafeez also went onto score a quickfire 50. The Men in Green will be really happy with their batting attack as they all stepped up in the game which mattered the most.

A terrific batting performance from Pakistan and they have posted a huge total on the board. They were determined from the very start and an efficient start from their openers laid the perfect platform for them. Azhar Ali and Fakhar Zaman stitched in an 128-run stand where the latter went to score his maiden ODI hundred after getting a reprieve early in the innings. The former was dismissed courtesy of a run out but nothing went India's way since then.

Very good last couple of overs for India. But Pakistan would be ecstatic to put up 338 on board

SIX! Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Mohammad Hafeez, Full outside off, Hafeez goes hard at it. Bunts it over mid off and the ball sails all the way for a maximum.

PAKISTAN: 329/4 ( Hafeez 50, Imad 23)

Overs: 49

Jasprit Bumrah to Mohammad Hafeez, What happened there? The ball hit the stumps, but the bails didn't fell. Bumrah bowls a perfect yorker, Hafeez digs it out from an inside edge.

FOUR! Jasprit Bumrah to Imad Wasim, Slower length ball around middle and off, Imad clears his front leg and tonks it over mid off. Beats Pandya at long off and earns a boundary. Hardik had to cover only a few yards to his left but the ball was hit so hard that he couldn't get there.

PAKISTAN: 305/4 ( Hafeez 42, Imad 12)

Overs: 46

SIX! Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Mohammad Hafeez, Hammered! Slower length delivery from Bhuvneshwar. Hafeez picks it early and pulls it handsomely over mid-wicket for a biggie. Moves to 40 off just 23 balls.

SIX! Kedar Jadhav to Imad Wasim, That's hit hard! Flatter delivery around off, this time Wasim dances down the track and bunts it down the track over long for a flat maximum. 14 runs off the over already.

SIX! Kedar Jadhav to Mohammad Hafeez, Just over! Jadhav tosses it up, Hafeez dances down the track, gets to the pitch of it and lofts it over long on. Pandya in the deep, jumps full stretch but can't get his fingers to it. The ball sails over and lands over the ropes. Hafeez is playing a gem on an innings here.

FOUR! Jasprit Bumrah to Mohammad Hafeez, Bumrah slants it into the pads, Hafeez flicks it through forward square leg. Beats the deep mid-wicket fielder and picks up another boundary. He is ticking along nicely!

WICKET! Kedar Jadhav to Babar Azam, OUT! Azam misses out on his half century. Tries to take on the part-timer Jadhav. Dances down the track, goes for the big lofted shot but ends up miscuing it to Yuvraj at long off. The veteran doesn't make any mistake and Azam has to walk back. Jadhav's golden arm once again does the trick.

FOUR! Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Mohammad Hafeez, Hafeez is taking the attack to the opposition. Advances down the track and pulls the back of a length delivery over mid-wicket for a boundary.

PAKISTAN: 257/3 ( Babar 44, Hafeez 9)

Overs: 41

FOUR! Ravindra Jadeja to Mohammad Hafeez, Bad, bad ball this, from Jadeja! Slants it down the leg side, Hafeez kneels down and sweeps it fine down the leg side for a boundary. The left-arm orthodox is proving to be expensive again.

FOUR! Ravindra Jadeja to Mohammad Hafeez, Hafeez continues from where he left against England. Dances down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and smashes it down the track over mid off for a boundary. Off the mark in style.

WICKET! Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Shoaib Malik, OUT Malik holes out! Short delivery outside off, Malik goes to play the forehand smash. Does not middle it well and the ball goes towards the deep cover region. Jadhav gets under it and takes a simple catch. Bhuvneshwar has struck at a really crucial time as Malik could have been dangerous in the latter stages.


PAKISTAN: 239/2 ( Babar 39, Malik 10)

Overs: 38

SIX! Ravindra Jadeja to Shoaib Malik, Malik gets into the act! Tossed up outside off, Malik comes down the track, reaches to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over the extra-cover region for half a dozen.

FOUR! Hardik Pandya to Babar Azam, Stand and delivery! Short delivery outside off, Azam stays in his crease and pulls it with grit. Over the mid-wicket region for a boundary.

FOUR! Jasprit Bumrah to Babar Azam, Easy pickings! Full toss into the pads, Babar is obliged as he just helps it through the vacant square leg region for a boundary.

WICKET! Hardik Pandya to Fakhar Zaman, OUT Jadeja does not miss those! Length delivery outside off, Zaman takes out his front leg out of the way and goes to play the slog shot. Gets a top edge on it and the ball balloons over the backward point region. Jadeja from backward point traces back and takes a really fine catch to send back the opener. A terrific innings from the southpaw comes to an end and India will want a couple of quick wickets to get back in the game.

200 up for Pakistan! Boy they are well set to go beyond 320.

SIX! Ravichandran Ashwin to Fakhar Zaman, Brilliant! Floated around leg, Fakhar takes out his front leg and sends that deep into the stands of the mid-wicket region for a maximum.

It's time for the players to grab a drink! Much needed break for India.

PAKISTAN: 186/1 (Fakhar 103, Babar 8)

Overs: 31

Maiden ODI century for Fakhar Zaman!

FOUR! Ravichandran Ashwin to Fakhar Zaman, FOUR! Ton for Fakhar! Fuller outside off, Fakhar Zaman sweeps it through the square leg region for a boundary. He has been sensational throughout and he is playing a terrific knock when it matters the most.

PAKISTAN: 167/1 (Fakhar 89, Babar 4)

Overs: 27

SIX! Ravichandran Ashwin to Fakhar Zaman, This is superb counter-attacking cricket from Zaman. He is in his groove now. Zaman dances down the track, goes through with his slog. Seems to have mistimed it but the ball sails over the long on fence for half a dozen. He is on fire!

Very expensive over from Jadeja.

FOUR! Ravindra Jadeja to Fakhar Zaman, Safe shot to play with mid off and extra cover in place and no one in the deep. Uses his feet, gets down the track and goes inside out over covers for a boundary. 16 runs off the over. Massive one for Pakistan!

FOUR! Ravindra Jadeja to Fakhar Zaman, Short outside off, Zaman makes room and cuts it hard past point for a boundary. He is so strong in that region.

SIX! Ravindra Jadeja to Fakhar Zaman, What a shot! This is good intent from Zaman. He doesn't want India to put pressure on them. Dances down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and clobbers it over long on for a maximum. This is good cricket from the opener.

WICKET! Ravichandran Ashwin to Azhar Ali, OUT Big mix-up! And, this time the luck goes India's away! Ali dabs it in the mid-wicket region and takes off for a single. His partner, however, stays unmoved at the bowler's end and both the batsman end up at one end. Bumrah, runs to his left and throws the ball to his keeper, who whips the bails off. Azhar Ali has to depart. It was an easy single. Can this open the floodgates for India?

FOUR! Ravindra Jadeja to Azhar Ali, Another short delivery from Jadeja and this time it's put away. Ali the batsman, who makes room and cuts it hard through backward point. Beats Jadhav in the deep and picks up another boundary. Pakistan are cruising through at the moment!

PAKISTAN: 118/0 (Azhar 52, Fakhar 53)

Overs: 21

Superb shot to get to his 3rd ODI fifty. Young Fakahar Zaman has been revelation in the tournament.

FOUR! Ravindra Jadeja to Fakhar Zaman, Three fifties in a row for Fakhar Zaman! Tossed up outside off, Zaman cuts it through point. Yuvraj misfields there and the ball races away to the fence for a boundary. The southpaw has been in tremendous form and he has continued with it. Will look to convert it into a century tonight.

Azhar Ali gets to his 12th ODI fifty but not more important that this.

FOUR! Ravindra Jadeja to Fakhar Zaman, He finally gets a boundary through his favourite region! Spinning in from around off, Zaman cuts it through the cover region for a boundary.

Pakistan race to 100. Back to back century stands from Azhar Ali and Fakhar Zaman.

FOUR! Ravindra Jadeja to Fakhar Zaman, Excellent use of the feet! Zaman comes down the track and slogs it over the wide mid on region for a boundary. 100 up for Pakistan.

Hardik Pandya to Azhar Ali, In the! Short delivery into the batsman, Azhar Ali charges down the wicket and goes for a big one. Gets it off the splice of the bat and the ball balloons over the cover fielder. Two fielders cannot reach it and he lands himself with a single.

PAKISTAN: 86/0 (Azhar 40, Fakhar 33)

Overs: 15

FOUR! Hardik Pandya to Azhar Ali, Good shot! Short and wide outside off, Ali slaps it over the backward point region for a boundary.

FOUR! Ravichandran Ashwin to Fakhar Zaman, Zaman is trying to match his partner! Tossed up around middle and leg, Zaman comes down the track and heaves it through the mid-wicket region for a boundary.

FOUR! Jasprit Bumrah to Fakhar Zaman, Beautiful! Fuller delivery around off, Zaman drives it dead straight along the ground. Ali is down on the ground trying to reach back at the crease as the ball races away to the fence.

Jasprit Bumrah to Azhar Ali, Run out chance missed! Angling into the hips, Azhar Ali tucks it away towards the mid-wicket region and scamper for a single. Rohit picks it up and has a shy at the non-striker's end but he misses. Had he hit, Ali was gone by a mile.

PAKISTAN: 56/0 (Azhar 29, Fakhar 16)

Overs: 10

Powerplay 1 comes to an end with Pakistan 56 for no loss.

50 up for Pakistan with an exquisite shot
FOUR! Ravichandran Ashwin to Azhar Ali, Swept away! Full in the line of the stumps, Ali kneels down and sweeps it hard through the gap between short fine leg and backward square leg for a boundary. Azhar has been on a counter-attacking role, here! He doesn't want Ashwin to settle down.


Another maiden, second off the day already from Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

PAKISTAN: 48/0 (Azhar 23, Fakhar 14)

Overs: 8

SIX! Ravichandran Ashwin to Azhar Ali, This is good intent from Ali! Not letting Ashwin settle. The Indian offie tosses it up outside off, Azhar dances down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over long off. The timing is so good on it that the ball sails over the fence for the first maximum of the day.

Now there's a surprise! Ravichandran Ashwin has been introduced into the attack in the 8th over of the innings.

FOUR! Jasprit Bumrah to Azhar Ali, Ali with another boundary. Slower one, angling in, Ali flicks it wristily through square leg. Yuvraj in the deep, runs to his left, dives but fails to stop it. Second boundary off the over.


FOUR! Jasprit Bumrah to Azhar Ali, Back of a length delivery outside off, Ali has a go at it but gets a thick outside edge. Flies over the slip cordon and to the fence behind.

PAKISTAN: 27/0 (Azhar 7, Fakhar 12)

Overs: 5

FOUR! Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Fakhar Zaman, Zaman not getting off to his usual flier, dances down the track. Goes through with a big heave on the leg side. Gets it off the inner half through square leg for a boundary.

FOUR! Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Fakhar Zaman, leg byes! Banged in short, Zaman goes for the pull but is late into the shot. The ball hits him on the helmet and goes through the gap between Dhoni and Sharma at wide slip for a boundary.

FOUR! Jasprit Bumrah to Azhar Ali, First boundary from Azhar. Short outside off, Ali plays a flat-batted shot past the bowler. Beats the mid on fielder and earns himself a boundary.

FOUR! Jasprit Bumrah to Fakhar Zaman, Edgy! On a length and angling away, Zaman goes hard at it. Gets an inside edge and the ball runs to the fine leg fence.


Jasprit Bumrah to Fakhar Zaman, OUT... Hang on... It's a No Ball. Length delivery, slanting away, Zama looks to poke at it but gets an outside edge and Dhoni behind the stumps celebrates. India starts celebrating but the umpire wants to check for a no ball. Bumrah's nightmare comes true as the replays confirm it's a no ball. Zaman survives.

Bhuvneshar Kumar to Fakhar Zaman , 1 run! He was gone for all money had Kedar Jadhav hit. Fakhar set off for a quick single after a forward defense. Kedar was quick off his blocks but failed to knock the stumps down. A slice of luck goes Pakistan's way.

PAKISTAN: 3/0 (Azhar 1, Fakhar 1)

Overs: 2

Jasprit Bumrah to Fakhar Zaman, 1 run! First runs off the bat for Pakistan. A streaky one though. Bumrah brings it back into the left-hander and Fakhar gets a thick inside edge to fine leg.

PAKISTAN: 0/0 (Azhar 0, Fakhar 0)

Overs: 1

Brilliant from Bhuvneshwar Kumar! a maiden to start with.

Sarfraz Ahmed says that he would have bowled first as well but toss is not in their hands. Mentions that it's a good wicket for batting. Adds that when they came here, they were ranked eight and had nothing to lose and today also they are going to play with the same attitude. Informs that Mohammad Amir is fit and will replace Rumman Raees.

Virat Kohli says that he will bowl first. Mentions that it is a hard wicket which should stay true throughout. Informs that they are a side which likes chasing so they will look to chase any total down. Adds that the guys are looking forward to put their best in the final game of the tournament. Reckons that they take every opponent seriously and they believe in their abilities. Ends by saying that they are unchanged.

PAK XI: Azhar Ali, F Zaman, B Azam, M Hafeez, S Malik, S Ahmed, I Wasim, M Amir, S Khan, H Ali, J Khan

IND XI: RG Sharma, S Dhawan, V Kohli, Y Singh, MS Dhoni, K Jadhav, H Pandya, R Jadeja, R Ashwin, B Kumar, J Bumrah

India have gone in with an unchanged XI.

Big news coming in from Pakistan camp. Left arm seamer Mohammad Amir has made a comeback in the playing XI.

2.30 IST: India won toss and elect to bowl first

Team India reaches the Kennigton Oval stadium. All the players are geared for the big occasion.

Welcome to the live commentary of India vs Pakistan Champions Trophy final

A wounded Pakistan will be out for revenge while India will aim to maintain their dominance when the arch-rivals meet in the final of the Champions Trophy cricket tournament at The Oval on Sunday.

Pakistan have been badly bruised against India this series in their opening group stage match, having lost the game by 124 runs via the Duckworth-Lewis (D/L) method.

If the past record is anything to go by, India have always been the firm favourites against Pakistan in major global tournaments of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

According to statistician Mohandas Menon, the Indian team has an excellent record against Pakistan in ICC ODI tournaments, leading their arch-rivals by an 8-2 margin.

In all ICC tournaments including the ODI World Cup, Champions Trophy and the World Twenty20, the sub-continental rivals have met 15 times with India emerging victorious on 12 occasions. Pakistan have won twice while one match ended in a tie.

Pakistan have managed to bounce back in this tournament, defeating South Africa and Sri Lanka in the group stages and England in the semi-finals to book a berth in the final.

With Pakistan's front-line pacer Mohammad Amir declared fit to play in the final after sitting out the previous match, he alongside new ball bowler Junaid Khan will be the key against India to provide their side with early breakthroughs.

Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed will also look to use his team's bowling strength to do the damage against an in-form Indian batting line-up.

The spin duo of Imad Wasim and Mohammad Hafeez alongside medium-pacer Rumman Raees -- who made his debut in the semi-finals -- will look to provide depth and variation to the Pakistan bowling line-up.

The batting department for Pakistan under the likes of opener Azhar Ali and Fakhar Zaman followed by Babar Azam and Mohammad Hafeez will look to flourish against India having got to good starts in the previous matches but failing to build lethal partnerships.

India, on the other side have looked a balanced side with both their batting and bowling departments having managed to click throughout the tournament.

India opener Shikhar Dhawan is the tournament's leading run scorer with 317 runs in four matches and will look to continue his momentum against Pakistan.

In-form Indian batsmen Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have also helped their side look capable enough of chasing any target.

The bowling department for India under the likes of pacers Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, spinners Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin have looked solid bowling economically while providing clinical breakthroughs.

Captain Kohli will also look to use off-break spinner Kedar Jadhav -- who took two vital wickets in his previous match against Bangladesh -- alongside Hardik Pandya to deceive the Pakistan batsmen.


India: Virat Kohli (captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wicket-keeper), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Dinesh Karthik, Mohammed Shami, Ajinkya Rahane, Umesh Yadav.

Pakistan: Sarfraz Ahmed (captain and wicket-keeper), Ahmed Shehzad, Azhar Ali, Babar Azam, Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Hasan Ali, Mohammad Amir, Rumman Raees, Junaid Khan, Imad Wasim, Fahim Ashraf, Shadab Khan, Fakhar Zaman, Haris Sohail.
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