GL vs MI Live Score IPL 2016: Gujarat Lions beat Mumbai Indians to qualify for Playoffs

GL vs MI Live Score IPL 2016: Gujarat Lions beat Mumbai Indians to qualify for Playoffs

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Gujarat Lions innings


17.5 overs: That's it. Gujarat Lions (173 for 4) beat Mumbai Indians (172 for 8) by 6 wickets to qualify for Playoffs.


17 overs: It's almost over for Mumbai Indians. Gujarat is just a step away from the victory. 10 runs from Bumrah's over. Gujarat Lions 167/4 (6 runs required from 18 balls).


16 overs: 10 runs off the over. Again a FOUR each by Jadeja and Smith. Gujarat Lions 157/4 (16 runs required from 24 balls).


15 overs: A FOUR each by Smith and Jadeja to get 9 runs off the over. More than what Gujarat Lions need. Gujarat Lions 147/4 (26 runs required from 30 balls).


14 overs: Poor bowling by Harbhajan Singh there. Too full or too short. He is a senior bowler. He should lead the attack. 12 runs off it. Smith tonked him for a SIX and a FOUR. Gujarat Lions 138/4 (35 runs required from 36 balls).


13 overs: Successful over Bumrah. Just 5 runs and a big wicket. Gujarat Lions 126/4 (47 runs required from 42 balls).


12.2 overs: OUT! That's a big blow to Gujarat Lions. Bumrah has removed Raina. It was a bad delivery but brought Mumbai Indians the most important wicket. Suresh Raina c Buttler b Bumrah 58 (36b 8x4 2x6).


12 overs: Wickets are falling but Mumbai bowlers are not able to control the run rate. 10 runs off Harbhajan's over. Smith hit a SIX in the over.  Gujarat Lions 121/3 (52 runs required from 48 balls).


11 overs: Expensive but successful over. Back-to-back wickets for Mumbai Indians. 11 runs off Vinay Kumar's over. Gujarat Lions 111/3 (62 runs required from 54 balls).


10.6 overs: OUT! Dinesh Karthik has to go back. Vinay Kumar provides another wicket to Mumbai Indians. Dinesh Karthik c †Buttler b Vinay Kumar 3 (4b 0x4 0x6).


10.1 overs: FIFTY up for Raina in 30 balls. He scored half-century in the previous match as well.


10 overs: Successful over by Bhajji. Just 4 runs and he dismissed McCullum. It should slow down the run rate. Gujarat Lions 100/2 (73 runs required from 60 balls). Raina 47 (29b 6x4 2x6), Karthik 2 (2b 0x4 0x6), Harbhajan 2-0-14-1, McClenaghan 2-0-23-0.


9.2 overs: OUT! Harbhajan breaks the partnership and removes McCullum. Big relief for Mumbai Indians. McCullum goes for slog sweep but missed it and the ball clipped the bails. Brendon McCullum b Harbhajan Singh 48 (27b 8x4 1x6).


9 overs: McClenaghan came back and bowled a good over. Just 6 off it. Gujarat Lions 96/1 (77 runs required from 11 overs).


8 overs: Another 10-run over for Gujarat Lions. This time McCullum hit two FOURS. It seems Raina and McCullum are taking turns to hit boundaries. Gujarat Lions 90/1 (83 runs required from 12 overs).


7 overs: 10 runs off Krunal Pandya's second over. Raina hit him for two FOURs. Gujarat Lions 80/1 (93 runs required from 13 overs).


6 overs: Big over to finish to the Powerplay. Raina and McCullum thrashed Bumrah in the over to get 19 runs off it. Raina hit a SIX and a FOUR while McCullum cracked two FOURS. Gujarat Lions hijacked the Powerplay. Gujarat Lions 70/1 (103 runs required from 14 overs). McCullum 36 (17b 6x4 1x6), Raina 32 (17b 4x4 2x6), Bumrah 2-0-27-0, K Pandya 1-0-18-0.


5 overs: Boundary by boundary, the match is getting away from Mumbai Indians. Another expensive over. This time McCullum smashed Krunal Pandya for two FOURS and a SIX as the over brought them 18 runs. Gujarat Lions 51/1 (122 runs required from 15 overs).


4 overs: A better over for Mumbai Indians. Vinay was hit for a FOUR but he did well to not give many runs after that. 7 runs off it. Gujarat Lions 33/1 (140 runs required from 16 overs).


3 overs: Very expensive over by McClenaghan. Raina tore him apart with three FOURS and a SIX. 18 runs off the over. Gujarat Lions 26/1 (147 runs required from 17 overs).


2 overs: 8 runs from Bumrah's first over. Mumbai Indians need to keep up the pressure. McCullum hit a FOUR in the over. Gujarat Lions 8/1 (165 runs required from 18 overs).


1 over: Maiden-wicket for Vinay Kumar. He has provided a superb start to Mumbai Indians' defence. Gujarat Lions 0/1 (173 runs required from 19 overs).


0.2 overs: OUT! Just what Rohit Sharma wanted from Vinay Kumar. Aaron Finch has to go back. Aaron Finch lbw b Vinay Kumar 0 (2b 0x4 0x6).


Players are coming in. Brendon McCullum has Aaron Finch as opening partner today. Vinay Kumar has the ball.

Gujarat Lions will need to work hard to get to this score. Because Mumbai Indians are going to put everything on line to defend this target.


Mumbai Indians innings


20 overs: Mumbai Indians score 172 for 8.


19.6 overs: OUT! Hardik Pandya tried to hit a SIX off the last ball but couldn't cross the boundary. Another wicket for Praveen Kumar. Hardik Pandya c Jadeja b Kumar 7 (8b 1x4 0x6).


19.2 overs: OUT! Harbhajan Singh looked to go for a big shot but couldn't read the slower ball by Praveen. Harbhajan Singh c Raina b Kumar 3 (5b 0x4 0x6).


19 overs: Gujarat Lions bowlers are not allowing runs in the last overs. Just 6 runs off Bravo's over. They needed big ones to push for a better score. Mumbai Indians 166/6.


18 overs: Successful over by Kulkarni. Just 7 runs off it and dismissed Pollard in the over. Mumbai Indians 160/6.


17.5 overs: OUT! Pollard couldn't clear the boundary this time. Kulkarni gets the big wicket. Mumbai needed a last push. Setback for them. Mumbai Indians 153/5.


17 overs: Successful over by Bravo. He managed to remove Rana in the over. 8 runs off it.  Mumbai Indians 153/5.


16.6 overs: OUT! Rana's excellent knock comes to an end. Very impressive knock by this young batsman from Delhi. Bravo deceives him with the slower ball. Rana couldn't time it well. Nitish Rana c Kulkarni b Bravo 70 (36b 7x4 4x6).


16 overs: Rana again hit a SIX in the over, his fourth in the match so far. 11 runs off Kulkarni's over. Mumbai Indians 145/4.


15 overs: Rana hit Jakati for three FOURS in the over to collect 14 runs. A good over for Mumbai Indians. Rana is driving the scoreboard at the moment. Mumbai Indians 134/4.


14.4 overs: Nitish Rana brings up his maiden IPL 50 with a FOUR. He took only 28 balls.


14 overs: Successful over by Bravo. Took an unbelievable catch to dismiss Buttler. Just 6 runs off it.  Mumbai Indians 120/4.


13.5 overs: OUT! What a catch! Bravo takes a blinder to dismiss Buttler. He has broken an important partnership. Jos Buttler c & b Bravo 33 (31b 3x4 0x6).


13 overs: The young Rana from Delhi is doing really well at the moment for Mumbai. Bringing boundaries in every over. Hit Jakati for a good looking slog sweep between mid-wicket and long-on. 11 runs off the over.  Mumbai Indians 114/3.


12 overs: Another big over for Mumbai Indians. Nitish Rana played some good shots in the over. He collected a FOUR off the no ball and then hit the free hit for a SIX. 16 off Smith's last over. Mumbai Indians 103/3. 


11 overs: Expensive first over by Jadeja. He was hit for a SIX by Rana and then Buttler produced a FOUR on the last ball. 15 runs off it. Mumbai Indians 87/3.


10 overs: Bravo brought into attack by Raina. He is his go to bowler for last 10 overs. Good over it was. Just 5 runs. Mumbai Indians 72/3. Buttler 20 (20b 2x4 0x6), Rana 10 (11b 1x4 0x6), Bravo 1-0-5-0, Smith 3-0-21-2.


9 overs: Another fine Smith over. He was hit for four on the first ball but didn't allow many runs after that. 8 runs off it.  Mumbai Indians 67/3.


8 overs: Another 5-run over. Jakati bowled a lot of flat deliveries. Mumbai Indians 59/3.


7 overs: 5 runs off Smith's over. Good over as long as you don't give more than 6 runs but there was not wicket in it. Mumbai Indians 54/3.


6 overs: Good over to finish the Powerplay. It was going to be a maiden over but for the last ball FOUR. Mumbai Indians 49/3. Buttler 4 (6b 1x4 0x6), Rana 4 (1b 1x4 0x6), Praveen Kumar 3-0-18-0, Smith 1-0-8-2.


5 overs: Excellent over by Smith. A wicket for each boundary. He was hit for two FOURS by two different bowlers and Smith dismissed both of them. Superb. 8 runs off the over. Mumbai Indians 45/3.


4.6 overs: OUT! Smith strikes again in the over. Krunal Pandya looked to pull it but couldn't control it and the top edge carried all the way to square leg. Krunal Pandya c Finch b Smith 4 (3b 1x4 0x6).


4.3 overs: OUT! That was a poor shot but Guptill. Smith again provides a wicket. Short of length outside off, Guptill chose to pull it to the leg side instead of the off side. Toe end of the bat and easy catch to mid-on. Martin Guptill c Bravo b Smith 7 (9b 1x4 0x6).


4 overs: Expensive over but Gujarat Lions wouldn't be complaining. Kulkarni removed the dangerous Rohit in the over. 12 runs off it. Mumbai Indians 37/1.


3.5 overs: OUT! Rohit Sharma's promising innings ends early. He was going very fast but Kulkarni dismissed him. Big blow to Mumbai Indians. Rohit Sharma c Jakati b Kulkarni 30 (17b 4x4 2x6).


3 overs: Much better over by Praveen Kumar. Just 6 runs despite a FOUR by Rohit. Mumbai Indians 25/0.


2 overs: Expensive over by Dhawal Kulkarni. 11 runs off it but Rohit was lucky that umpire didn't give him out when he was hit on the pads. Rohit hit a SIX and a FOUR in the over. Mumbai Indians 19/0.


1 overs: Good over for both the sides. Rohit managed two FOURs in the over and Praveen Kumar managed to beat him on a couple of occasions. 8 runs off the over. Mumbai Indians 8/0.


It's a Do-or-Die for Mumbai Indians. Lose here and go home. Rohit Sharma and Martin Guptill have walked out. Praveen Kumar has the ball.



Mumbai Indians: RG Sharma, M Guptill, K Pandya, K Pollard, J Buttler, H Pandya, N Rana, H Singh, V Kumar, M McClenaghan, J Bumrah.

Gujarat Lions: DR Smith, B McCullum, S Raina, D Karthik, A Finch, R Jadeja, DJ Bravo, E Dwivedi , P Kumar, D Kulkarni, S Jakati.


TOSS: Gujarat Lions win toss and opt to bowl first.



  • Gujarat Lions have won 7 out of 9 matches when chasing, but just 1 out of 4 when batting first.

  • Rohit Sharma scored 5 fifties in his first 9 innings this IPL, but has a tally of only 76 runs - with a best of 31 - in his last four.



Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (C), Corey Anderson, Jasprit Bumrah, Jos Buttler, Unmukt Chand, Marchant de Lange, Shreyas Gopal, Martin Guptill, Harbhajan Singh, Kishore Kamath, Siddhesh Lad, Mitchell McClenaghan, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Parthiv Patel, Kieron Pollard, Deepak Punia, Nitish Rana, Ambati Rayudu, Jitesh Sharma, Nathu Singh, Tim Southee, Jagadeesha Suchith, Jerome Taylor, Vinay Kumar, Akshay Wakhare.

Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (C), Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Aaron Finch, Dinesh Karthik, Ravindra Jadeja, Dale Steyn, James Faulkner, Ishan Kishan, Praveen Kumar, Dhawal Kulkarni, Shivil Kaushik, Dwayne Bravo, Sarabjit Ladda, Amit Mishra, Akashdeep Nath, Paras Dogra, Eklavya Dwivedi, Shadab Jakati, Pradeep Sangwan, Jaydev Shah, Umang Sharma, Pravin Tambe, Andrew Tye.


Nothing but a win will keep their play-off hopes alive as defending champions Mumbai Indians take on Gujarat Lions in a do-or-die battle, which will be their final IPL league match.

With seven wins in 13 matches, Mumbai are currently placed fifth, tied on 14 points with Royal Challengers Bangalore (3rd) and Kolkata Knight Riders (4th) -- both having better net run-rate with one match to go.

A loss will knock them out of the race for play-offs and Mumbai will hope to pull the rug from under the feet of the Lions this time after suffering a defeat during their home leg on April 16.

Gujarat, on the other hand, are at the second spot with 16 points from 13 matches and a victory will seal their play-off berth.

However, a slip-up will keep the door open for the other teams to sneak in at the last moment and the IPL debutantes will be eager to avoid any such situation after doing all the hard work this season.

Two-time champions, Mumbai have failed to build a winning momentum this season and all their victories have been mostly followed by losses.

A massive 80-run win against Delhi Daredevils in their last outing on May 15 has boosted Mumbai's confidence and they would want to carry on the momentum this time.

Mumbai have depended on captain Rohit Sharma and Ambati Rayudu to score bulk of the runs this season though it was young all-rounder Krunal Pandhya's 37-ball 86 which did the trick for them in their last match.

Jos Butler and Kieron Pollard will be the other batters who will look to step up and perform in today's match, which otherwise might turn out to be Mumbai's last appearance this season.

In bowling, seamer Mitchell McClenaghan have led the attack well with 17 wickets in 13 matches and remains the top wicket-taker this season. He has been supported well by Jasprit Bumrah with 14 scalps.

However, the performance of the spinners is a concern for Mumbai with Harbhajan Singh managing only 8 wickets so far, followed by Pandya with 6 scalps so far.

Gujarat, on the other hand, made a rampaging start to the season before facing a slump early this month but they have managed to bounce back in time with a win over Kolkata last night after an embarrassing 144-run loss against Bangalore.

The fact that skipper Suresh Raina guided the team home with an unbeaten 36-ball 53 will come as a huge relief for the team, which has some powerful hitters in Brendon McCullum, Aaron Finch and Dwayne Smith.

In their bowling department, Gujarat have depended on seamers Bravo and Dhawal Kulkarni. Dwayne Smith's four-wicket haul against Delhi will also give their attack a huge boost ahead of tomorrow's clash.

Spinners Ravindra Jadeja and Pravin Amre have not proved to be a threat and they too will look to make themselves count today.

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