Batting tips by Ravi Shastri

Batting tips by Ravi Shastri

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I am a right-handed batsman. I have a tendency to play every ball off the back foot. Please suggest a way to get out of this problem. (Parthasubha Shyam, 21, Burdwan)
In your throw-downs, ask someone to pitch the ball up and start driving of the front foot. That will help in breaking the reluctance to stay on the back foot.

I have a problem in tackling deliveries from an off-spinner which bounce waist high. Please help. (Sagar Singh, 13, Howrah)

Use the depth of the crease when playing back. It will give you that extra bit of time.

I am a right-handed batsman. I fail to read the yorkers coming out of the bowler’s hand. Please help. (Sainik Khaddar, 13, Calcutta-37)

Watch the ball coming out of the bowler’s hand and don’t commit.

I am a pacer and have a problem with my run-up. I cannot run in straight and that creates problems. Please suggest a way out. (Ashit Baruah, 14, Shillong)

Do what you are most comfortable with. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to run straight.

How can one master the art of swing? Will only practice at nets help? (Agniva Bhattacharya, 14, Calcutta-103)

Yes. And making sure your grip and wrist position is right.

I am a right-handed batsman and face problems against leg spinners. Do I need to take my guard outside the leg stump? (S. Mukherjee, 16, Calcutta)

If it helps why not. It will help if your head position where you are watching the ball with both eyes in normal stance is checked.

I am a left-handed batsman. I often struggle against an off-spinner. Please help. (Kinshuk Chakraborty, 17, Calcutta)

Make sure you watch the ball and move your feet with intent forward or back.

I am a right-handed batsman. When playing the hook I often get caught at mid wicket. Why does this happen? (Sampark Sinha, 19, Imphal)

You are not using the depth of the crease and picking a line way outside off stump.

Does practising on matting wickets help in tackling pace? (Dipan Chand, 22, Calcutta)

Yes for sure. It will help your back foot game and help you with the pull and cut shots.

Which is more important --- bowling fast or being accurate and disciplined? (Shamik Dasgupta, 19, Calcutta)

A combination of all three ideally without sacrificing pace.

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