Google Play Store Adds In-App Purchase Price Range

Google Play Store Adds In-App Purchase Price Range

New Delhi: Google had earlier promised that it would be bringing a couple of changes to the Play Store. While material design is slowly making its way onto the store, things seems to have changed in the ‘read more’ section. We now find a couple of new additions that makes things a bit clear before you download that new game or app.



These two new additions that we have noticed so far include the in-app purchase price range and developer addresses.


In-app purchase price range clearly brings a better level of understanding because most users see an app as free and then install the app. Upon downloading they soon realise that the game indeed comes with a ton of in-app purchases and then end up venting out on the comments section. So yes showing the in-app purchase price range will surely make things crystal clear for users and less trouble (and bad comments) for devs.


Lastly, we now have the inclusion of developer addresses. Mind you these are not email addresses but actual physical addresses of developers. Clearly we have no clue how small developers will end up using this (you cannot end up putting your home address there for sure). Still then it makes things a bit clear when you have to communicate with a developer regarding an issue or bug in an app.


While the above two do increase the transparency between users and developers we have no clue what other information Google plans to make available since this is only the beginning.




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