Sunidhi Chauhan reveals her career plans after embracing motherhood

Sunidhi Chauhan reveals her career plans after embracing motherhood

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Sunidhi Chauhan is ready to balance her singing career post pregnancy/ Image: Twitter- @sunidhichauhan5

New Delhi: Bollywood Singer  Sunidhi Chauhan is excited as well as nervous about embracing motherhood and describes it as a most magical experience. The singer says she will not keep her career on the back-burner after delivering the baby, but will try to balance both worlds with utmost care.

"I am excited and nervous like any other girl. I hope everything goes well," she said.

Sunidhi got married to music composer Hitesh Sonik in 2012, and the news of her pregnancy came out in August. The singer says she has not planned her move, but is sure that she will not abandon her "first and last love" -- singing.

Sunidhi Chauhan is all set to balance both worlds post pregnancy/ Image: Twitter @sunidhichauhan5 (Sunidhi Chauhan/ Image: Twitter @sunidhichauhan5)

"I am thankful to all the amazing wishes coming my way for me and my baby. I am super excited. This is something that I am experiencing for the first time. I am thankful to God for that because, now that I am in this state, I have realised that it is the most beautiful thing, the most magical thing on earth," Sunidhi told news agency IANS in a recorded response from Mumbai.

"To be able to give birth to a new life is definitely the most amazing phenomenon. Yes, I get tired too quickly nowadays, but I am loving the conversations that I am having with my friends because this is all I talk about all the time, trying to know more about motherhood and babies, preparing myself, conditioning myself for the day when I will see my  baby in my hands and taking care of it," she added.

After delivery, the singer, who started singing for films at the age of 11, will go with the flow.

"I have never planned many things at a time in my life. I have always gone with my instinct and flow. There will be some decisions that I will be taking but have no plans. I will go with the flow because this is the most natural thing that could happen to a female.

"Every girl in the world goes through this and I am one of them. I have to balance both. There is going to be a new life  and it will be equally or more important than anything else. I do know that my first and last love is singing, the gift God gave to me. So, I will take care of both and just make sure that I am at peace with myself," the songstress said.

Sunidhi, who had a live gig at Dublin Square, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla, in Mumbai last week, feels if she is "sound" in her head, then "everything will fall in place".

Sunidhi Chauhan is ready to balance singing career post pregnancy/Image: Facebook- Sunidhi Chauhan (Sunidhi Chauhan is ready to balance singing career post pregnancy/Image: Facebook- Sunidhi Chauhan)

The singer has sung tracks such as "Mast", "Kamli", "Desi girl", "Navrai majhi" and "Saaki", shown her acting skills and judged singing realty TV shows.

She says she has evolved as an artiste over the past two decades.

"I started singing for films when I was 11. I have seen a lot. I have seen music change and lyric-writing change. Thankfully, even after all those changes, I am still here and that is very exciting because I think you need to grow as an artist. I have got just the right opportunities -- and people to work with, with whom I could grow further," she said.

"I try to sound different and better each time I sing a song, and that is what I thrive on," the singer said.

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