Opinion: Choose a better reason to protest!

Opinion: Choose a better reason to protest!

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India is a country with pretty intelligent people... Well that's not only a good start for an article but I really mean that! Especially when you look at the younger lot; time and again you are amazingly shocked when you observe their enthusiasm, thoughts and even the expression of their opinion.



The next generation is sure about themselves. They are so confident. This confidence is because their personalities radiate clarity of thought. They think and perceive based on their experience and the foundation of logic. Whatever they think is correct is presented in the most subtle yet powerful manner.




Youngsters like Anushka Sharma are not shy to express themselves in a field that is full of spectators and in a world where the shutterbugs are quick enough to capture her every time she stands and cheers for Virat Kohli. Not only that, whenever Anushka whistles at Virat’s shots she gets a flying kiss right away. Nevertheless, they are bold enough to feel something and more bold to express it.




Actually the youngsters believe that whatever their mind is processing about anything should be expressed immediately and in the most straightforward manner. More importantly they make sure that their opinion is practical and modern and put across efficiently too.



For that they could use social networking sites, protests on roads and even visiting the cricket field!



Whole nation had been a witness to the day when these youngsters protested against the Nirbhaya rape case. With help of social media and by being together on roads… this janta shrieked at the top of their voice.



On the other hand, let me introduce to you to another group … oh my mistake… a super social group that emerges every time they think that it has been long that they had their share of limelight. So there they are popping out of their cozy shells for “the show” again.



And these groups talk about intelligent films like PK and OMG ruining the mindsets of India.


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PK is a film that has a very strong message to help Indians walk away from the old and rusty shackles of gurus and babas. Raj Kumar Hirani has made a film that speaks against superstitions but not against any religion, then how come the same film hurts “religious sentiments”. I really want to meet these "people" whose religious sentiments are hurt!



The reality of the fact is that you should participate in one of these protests. Not to shout and support or burn effigies but to quietly sneak in and observe. Observe how some of the group leaders would be aware of the reason they are protesting for whereas others would not have any clue. You must go and ask the people in the group the reason of their protest … they would not have a better answer than “pk ke khilaaf”. After this answer another “why?” would lead to an expressionless face!



 “Arey these people have no clue why are they protesting. Many a times they are bribed to do so. Such events have motives behind them. Aadhe se zyaada ne toh movie dekhi hi nahi hogi (Most of them might not even have watched the movie),” Shaurya Galhotra, a Chandigarh resident said.



Even VHP General Secretary of South Gujarat Niral Patel said that he has not seen the movie but as he was told by the “people” that the movie projected “Hindu religion in a satirical manner” he thought to “protest against it.”



This group is not only well aware of the limelight and media but is quite eager to thrust their opinion on others. Unlike the youngsters who state their heart out but don’t force others to nod along them!



So in a democratic country what kind of opinion presentation do these groups go for where the thoughts of others do not matter!



For the movie PK, masses are going gaga. Not only in India but in South America too this movie is the top grosser in foreign lingo category. Then again my question is that whose opinion they are presenting when they say “our religious sentiments are hurt”.




PK is not the first movie to get such a reaction from these groups. OMG was one such whereas this movie too had a superb message that is to believe in God but not in the “messengers of god”!



Why have they taken it to heart? These groups have gone super sentimental about the issue. Whereas the movie has nothing to be taken to heart! Except the fact that it has got a beautiful message for the whole nation to like it and express it. And if you don’t like it at least don’t say that you speak for the masses.


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“The people who are protesting or are against it are the people who don’t have any other work and are looking for such kind of cheap publicity. One more thing is that the movie is not about the god, it is about the people who take god’s name to earn money,” Jeevika Singh, a Pathankot resident said.



Still there are people who are creating chaos not only on our streets but on TV too!



If these groups are so concerned about people of India and their sentiments, they should better protest against the organization that forced 45 ladies to strip just to find who was on her period! These groups should protest against the corrupt practices followed in India. They should shout and make themselves heard on the issues concerning women like rape and molestation. These groups should choose a better reason to show their anger.

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