Classic Govinda-David Dhawan comedies we can re-watch anytime

Classic Govinda-David Dhawan comedies we can re-watch anytime

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The first of many Govinda-David Dhawan rom coms had Govinda in the role of NCC cadet Karan who falls in love with Divya Bharati’s Divya. But, bitter opposition forces the lovers to be on the run. “I would love to star in a remake of Shola Aur Shabnam,” Govinda’s Kill/Dill co-star Ranveer Singh had told t2.


Top moment: Karan and his cadet friends pull a fast one on their boss Major Lathi (Anupam Kher) — a die-hard Sridevi fan — by ‘playing’ a radio interview of the actress in which she says her ideal man is just like Lathi. The catch: Govinda mimics both the radio presenter and Sridevi’s voices!


AANKHEN (1993)

Govinda and David Dhawan came up with this laugh riot in which he played two roles — a city slacker and a village bumpkin. Aankhen was a blockbuster — made on a budget of Rs one crore, it earned Rs 12.5 crore.

Top moment: Govinda’s Bunnu pretends to have lost his mental balance after an ‘accident’. Alongwith his brother Munnu (Chunkey Pandey), the two try to dupe dad Hasmukh (Kader Khan). The punchline? Bunnu says he’s decided to go away to the sun, but when told it’s hot there, he quips: “Main raat ko jaaunga!”


RAJA BABU (1994)

Yet another Govinda-David Dhawan hit in which he played illiterate village boy Raja who is adopted by a rich family. When the innocent Raja falls in love with city girl Madhu (Karisma Kapoor), all hell breaks loose. Govinda’s get-up — colourful kurtas and flashy sunglasses — was a riot.


Top moment: All the scenes involving Raja and Nandu (Shakti Kapoor), especially the one in which they gamble and win Rs 25,000 so that they can buy a print of Amitabh Bachchan’s Trishul and play it in the local theatre.


COOLIE NO. 1 (1995)

Govinda and David Dhawan’s No 1 series — Coolie to Hero, Aunty to Jodi — started with this 1995 film in which Govinda played a coolie called Raju who poses as a wealthy man and falls in love with rich girl Malti (Karisma Kapoor), leading to a host of hilarious situations.


Top moment: Raju pretends to be a rich man in front of Kader Khan’s Hoshiyar Chand, making plans to not only set up a factory in his village, but also a railway station and airport. ROFL!



Govinda and David Dhawan teamed up for this laugh-a-minute film in which Govinda’s Shyamsunder gets into sticky situations managing two wives — Karisma Kapoor and Tabu — with one not being aware of the others’ existence.


Top moment: The scene where Shyam welcomes wife Pooja (Karisma) to his house and immediately proceeds to show her pictures of gods who had two wives!



Yet another Govinda-David Dhawan laughathon in which the man played Bunnu, a psychiatric patient petrified of heights, water and running, who falls in love with his doctor Neha (Juhi Chawla).


Top moment: That scene in which Bunnu gives Pappu Pager (Satish Kaushik) the ‘supari’ to bump off Anil Kapoor’s Raja. Pappu Pager underestimates Bunnu, but is in for a surprise when Bunnu beats him at his own game. Pop pick? Bunnu to Pappu Pager: “Bunnu koi khamba nahin hai jo tujh jaisa kutta pair uthakar geela kar daale!




Govinda and Amitabh Bachchan both had double roles — one cop, one con man — in this David Dhawan comedy that has become cult over the years.


Top moment: Con men pose as their doppelganger cops to gain entry into a heavily-guarded musuem which houses a priceless diamond. The over-enthusiastic security officer (played by Asrani) unwittingly tells them how they can rob the diamond and get away — and they do exactly that, but not before showing their faces to the CCTV cameras, so that their humshakals get blamed for the theft!




This DD comedy had Govinda and Sanjay Dutt in the roles of two slacker brothers who pull out all the stops to make some easy money.


Top moment: In the climax, Monu (Govinda) and Sonu (Sanjay Dutt) land up in the villain’s den to rescue their dad Amirchand (Kader Khan). What follows is a case of mistaken identities and comedy of errors in which they gain an upper hand over the bad men. Their punishment? Their heads are pushed through a balloon board, with everyone having a go at shooting at them.


PARTNER (2007)

David Dhawan’s Bolly remake of Hitch had Govinda bringing the house down as the sloppy and under-confident Bhaskar who enlists the help of ‘Love Guru’ Prem (Salman Khan) to win the heart of Katrina Kaif’s Priya.


Top moment: Much like the original, Love Guru tries to coach Bhaskar in dance — but Bhaskar knows only one move: Sarkailo khatiya!

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