BIGG BOSS Day 72: Mandana breaks up with Giselle and Rishabh too; housemates get a portion of winning prize

BIGG BOSS Day 72: Mandana breaks up with Giselle and Rishabh too; housemates get a portion of winning prize

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The episode starts with the song Sabse Bada Rupaiya and the housemates gear up for the day.


Mandana blames Giselle and Rishabh in the garden area for not supporting her when she needed. This marks a fight between three of them. At the very next moment, Rishabh and Giselle regret about being friends with Mandy and think that she was not worth it.


Rishabh says he thought she was weak and needed help and Giselle was of the opinion that she genuinely made an effort to care for Mandana and befriend her.

Mandana questions the housemates about her stolen chocolates, Keith confesses to have eaten one of the chocolates. Rishabh also gives a strong hint that he is the one who has stolen the chocolates. Rishabh says that he did this to teach her a lesson as she was the only one who pretended like her chocolate box was stolen in the first place. Mandana gets hurt and starts crying (Again).!


Rochelle then tells Mandana that she shouldn’t have made an issue out of the stolen chocolates as its really killing the joy. Kishwer sees Rochelle and Mandana having a candid conversation and she starts pulling Rochelle’s leg for getting back with her old friend. Rochelle gets miffed with this but still continues to ignore Kishwer and talks to Mandana.


Later, Priya is seen passing remarks on Prince’s captaincy and tells him that he is being unfair. She says that Prince punished her for breaking rues but didn’t pull up Nora for speaking in English.


Nora gets upset with this and finally Prince pulls up his socks and punishes both Nora and Priya by taking away their mattresses. Later, BB announces a Baazi task to help the contestants get back the prize amount they lost in the first month of stay in the house.


The housemates are asked to wrestle professional wrestlers and stay inside the wrestling ring as long as possible.


Ladies get to confront a female wrestler while men fight it out with a male wrestler.


Prince, the captain had to place a bet on one of the contenders amongst Suyyash-Priya, Kishwer-Mandana and Keith-Nora.  If he wins the bet, the contestants will win back their prize money.

‘Bigg Boss’ announces yet another Baazi task which would require the two teams to challenge one another to do a task which they believe they can perform.

There is another fight between Priya and Nora where Priya says that Nora shouldn’t get a chance to rehearse the challenge, and Nora says that she cannot perform the task without knowing how to accomplish it!


Prince places his bet on Priya and Suyyash who are finally the winners. And hence the contestants get back Rs.4 lakhs, i.e. a portion of the winning prize.


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