WOW: Watch how EASILY this guy rides bicycle on ROOFTOPS!

WOW: Watch how EASILY this guy rides bicycle on ROOFTOPS!

By: || Updated: 31 May 2016 07:31 AM
New Delhi: Some people find it difficult to even ride a bicycle on the city roads. Other, daredevils, ride it on slippery hilly slopes to get that adrenaline taste.

But this man in the video can be seen riding the cycle on the rooftops of the double-triple story houses!

Yes, you read it right. The video has been viewed by more than 62 lakhs people on Facebook.

Merely 4-5 cm wide walls where a normal person will find it difficult even to walk, this guy is swiftly riding his black bicycle.

Image: Screen grab Image: Screengrab

Showing acrobatic stunts, this man is jumping from one roof to other without even slightest error. The video seems to be of some foreign country.

Before watching this video sit tight on your chair as we bet you must have not seen anything like this before. So relax and enjoy the visual treat.

And yes, don't forget to see the last part of the video as the ending will rock your mind.

Video courtesy-National Geographic Sverige/Facebook

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