Women have `best sex of their lives` at 26, men at 32

Women have `best sex of their lives` at 26, men at 32

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Washington: A new study has revealed that women reach their sexual peak much earlier than men, as it was found that women were having the best sex at 26, as opposed to the long-held belief of 35, and men were having the best sex at 32, as opposed to the age of 18.


According to the survey on 1,000 adults by LoveHoney, when someone lost their virginity also played a part in how long it took for them to be sexually satisfied and that women lost their virginity at 16, 10 years before they finally had the best sex of their lives (so they claimed) and men averaged a virginity loss at age 17, Fox News Magazine reported.




Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox said that it makes sense that it would take so long for people to finally be able to say they're having the "best" sex, because, "like most things, sex gets better the more you do it and the more practiced you are at it and it takes time to learn how to control their orgasms and to fathom the complex female sexual system."


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