Why IITians are number 1 choice of a typical Uttar Pradesh family for their daughters’ marriage?

Why IITians are number 1 choice of a typical Uttar Pradesh family for their daughters’ marriage?

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New Delhi: Talking from an Indian perspective, what really is important for a happy and prosperous life? Is it money? If not, then why are we so excited about the seven figure salary an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) pass out receives at the campus placements?


In a country like ours, IITians have their own respect; be it in the socio-economic sector or in matrimonial market, an IITian is always the preferred one. And, all these, because he earns in crores, and the bride’s family feel that would be enough for the groom to look after their daughter.


Things, however, are more complex when this family lives in Uttar Pradesh (UP). The north Indian state has many interesting stories to offer, when it comes to getting their daughter married to an IITian!

It’s the money, honey!


Take a walk in any of the small town of UP and you would be amazed to see their preferred choice for a groom. Even if you are an engineer or a doctor, you would be in the minority. A government official or a clerk would also have to settle at the bottom of the list. But tell them that you know a guy who is an IITian, be sure to get thunderous response.


So what if you have a girlfriend? If you are an IITian, in UP you are the most ‘eligible’ groom!


Mom’s wish: Million dollar damad!


In the first lot of the campus placements this year, nearly 40 students were offered crore-plus salary packages. Interestingly, most of them have been asked to join the job in the United States and for a family from UP, that’s something to look forward to.


For them, it’s a dream to see their daughter and son-in-law settle in the US. And, who else, but an IITian can give you that opportunity, pagli!


“Remember your Kanpur wali chachi (aunt) was so happy after fixing her daughter's marriage with the San Fancisco wala guy!”


It’s all in the Jeans!


It hardly happens when a mom wants her daughter to stay in a joint family. But if the son-in-law stays in the US, all alone, obviously, she will be delighted to predict the situation. “My daughter doesn’t wear saree in her home in the USA. It’s jeans, you know,” she would often bloat out to her sahelis in the kitty parties, munching gullu ke pakode.


“Jeans is the only thing she carries there”, Azamgarh waali Mausi (aunt who lives in Azamgarh) will be all smiles, letting the world know about how her beti lives lavishly in Amrica!.


No hype, it’s Skype!

Yes, Skype is the fastest emerging way to communicate and lately, it has turned into a system of showing the neighbours that my son/daughter lives abroad. When your neighbour flaunts that her son-in-law stays out of India and does video chat with her every day, it means she just wants to communicate about her job location-- that's it! Gone are the days when post cards or air mails were indications of staying abroad, it’s Skype that does the job for you now!


The Numero Uno


In a kitty party, the Lucknow wali chachi would proudly boast of her son-in-laws qualification. “He would never come second in the semester. He has always been the topper,” she would say. Ditto for the damads of Kanpurwali bhabi and Jaunpur-based maami. None of their damads have stood second in life. They have always taken the pole position.


Having a lucrative job in an MNC, how can her son-in-law not be the best? She would be cautious about playing it safe, but even then, her tom-toming would put others in a spot of bother. Embarassing? Not for the chachi atleast!


PS: Humours aside, the IITians deserve all credit for making it to the prestigious institute. It requires hard work and determination to get into an IIT, and we have immense respect for all you IITians. We may have just pulled your legs a bit, but then, that’s the fun, right? Doesn’t every good thing require a happy ending? Cheers!

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