Odd-even scheme not a corrective measure to curb pollution in Delhi

Odd-even scheme not a corrective measure to curb pollution in Delhi

By: || Updated: 25 Dec 2015 04:15 PM
The Delhi Govt has decided to introduce even-odd registration number formula for Vehicles plying Commuting in Delhi from 1st to 15th January 2016 on an experiment basis to reduce the pollution level in Delhi.



Being a Delhi resident for more than two decades, I don’t take it as a corrective measure being taken by the Delhi government to improve the air quality of the Delhi environment. It will only increase the problem to the further extent.

The even and odd number vehicles plying on road is not a viable idea as we, the people of Delhi are very clever and will find a solution of this by buying another vehicle with an even or odd number plates, irrespective of the fact whether the vehicle complies the emission norms or not.

This will again add up the pollution level and load on Delhi roads. There are two basic reasons why Delhi’s air is polluted or not pure to the required level for breathing and the solution lies within the same:- Most of the Delhi population is living in nearly 2000 unauthorised colonies where there is hardly anything on the name of basic amenities.

The streets as well as the main roads inside such colonies are very narrow, no strict law and order, there are number of vehicles plying in such colonies without any fitness certificates and even by the children below permissible age limit for driving and without driving license and there is no check on the same.

The grameen sewa and autos, private vehicles, trucks, tractors, even some school buses ply on such single and narrow roads which ultimately stuck in huge jams due to poor or no traffic management in such colonies and the vehicles produce a significant amount of smoke which is a major contributor of pollution in Delhi.

So, the traffic management in such colonies will surely impact reducing the pollution level in and around Delhi. The registration of vehicles should be strictly on he basis of the parking space available in the possession of the person who is purchasing a new vehicle.

It should also be made mandatory that only those number of registration will take place as how much parking space available with the registrants of the new vehicle. Most of the Delhi people have more than one car, without the parking space and they park the vehicle on the roads, which result in narrowing the roads, congestion and creating traffic snarls and jams. Jams result in pollution.

If we strictly imply the rule of registration of the vehicle on the basis of the declaration of the parking space, people will be discouraged to purchase more vehicles thus producing the less carbon-dioxide and pollution. There are various other preventive measures which will be very helpful in reducing the pollution level such as :- Following strict emission norms, managing traffic, keeping roads jam-free, early removal of the ‘break-down’ vehicles, improving the quality standard of public transport to encourage use of the same. This even – odd formula will become a futile exercise and there will be a wastage of lots of public money on the advertisement, implementation of the order only to increase chaos in Delhi.

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