Number three brings you bad luck?- Its time to give your beliefs a second thought!

Number three brings you bad luck?- Its time to give your beliefs a second thought!

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New Delhi: You must have been scared by your parents, friends and relatives at times by certain beliefs in childhood or may be till date. But how would you react when somebody tells you that those were just superstitions and does not hold a tinch of truth?

Some superstitions are such gruesome that they involve taking lives, killing animals as well as humans at times and are being practised by people across the country.


Here is a list of superstitions being treated as 'truth' in India and people who believe on it can give you a very convincing reason for it.

  1. Lemon and chilli can ward off an "evil eye".

  2. Rahu kala is an inauspicious period of time every day.

  3. Stepping out in eclipses may cause loss of sight.

  4. Number three or its multiples are believed to ruin the work.

  5. It is believed that snakes can drink milk. During the festival of Nag Panchami, snakes are captured and force-fed milk.

  6. You should not sleep with your head towards North.

  7. White colour is associated with mourning by Hindus.

  8. If someone passes away you cannot cook food till shraddh.

  9. To see a peacock or Kingfisher before a journey is considered auspicious and a crow as inauspicious.

  10. Eating in Kadhai, would lead to heavy rains on your wedding.

  11. Lord Ganesh and Shiv drink milk once a year. But describing it scientifically, it takes place due to the process of capillary suction.

  12. A broken idol of God, brings bad luck for the entire house.

  13. Hair should not be washed on some specific days(the day varies from person to person).

  14. In Gadhimai Festival celebrated by Hindus, animals are sacrificed for Goddess of blood, which brings them good luck for the next five years.

  15. Adding one rupee to a gift sum is auspicious, i.e., sums like 51 or 501 rupees are considered auspicious.

  16. You should not cut nails after dusk.

  17. Mothers put kajal on their babies' face, to protect him from negative energies.

  18. In some parts of India, it is considered inauspicious to sweep the floor at night saying that good luck gets swept away with it.

  19. Widows are considered inauspicious in many parts of India.

  20. Tulsi leaves should be swallowed and not chewed.

  21. Being associated with god Shani, Saturdays are considered very inauspicious.

  22. The door of house should always open towards East.

  23. Snake should be killed by crushing his head so that he doesn't remembers who killed it. Otherwise it would return to take revenge.

  24. Plastering the floor with cow dung is auspicious.

  25. After coming from a funeral ceremony, person should eat dried chilli on the door and then step it so that the negative energy doesn't steps in with you.

  26. It is believed that looking in a broken mirror may bring bad luck.

  27. Few plants like Tulsi, Neem etc are considered sacred.

  28. If a black cat crossed your way, it's going to be a bad day for you.

  29. Peepul and Banyan trees are believed to be the abode of ghosts.

  30. In parts of Jharkhand, it is believed that if the name of a witch is written on a branch of a Sal tree, the branch would wither away.

If your are considering yourself as a very practical and logical person then you need to go through the above list once again.

Its really hard for an Indian to skip all the mentioned 30 superstitions and not to believe even on one.

If you came a across a superstition that you believe in then you need to give your beliefs a seconds thought as you a believing in a superstition!

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